HLH Exam 3

In the event of a fire in a residents room, your first action should be to:
a. remove the resident to a safe place
b.get the fire extinguisher
c. sound the fire alarm
d. notify the head nurse
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You are a new nursing assistant and have been assigned to clean the room of a resident who has just been discharged. The nurse shows you the cleaning closet, which contains towels, rags, and containers holding liquids and powders of various colors and odors. How can you find out what cleaning products are appropriate for your assigned task?read the product labelFollowing the pre- and post-procedure actions before and after each procedure is important to:ensure that the care you give is safe and correctWhich of the following is a pre-procedure ("Getting Ready") step? a. report and record b. identify the person c. confirm that the person is comfortable and in good body alignment d. open the curtain or dooridentify the personHow do you "see to safety" before and after performing a procedure?use good body mechanicsWorkplace violence can result from either internal or external parties. Which of the following is an example of an external party?mugger in the parking garageAfter applying a restraint to a patient or resident:remove the restraint at least every 2 hoursVest restraints are applied so that the flaps:cross in frontWhich one of the following should not be done when applying a restraint to a patient or resident?make sure the patient or resident is asleepA person with tetraplegia is paralyzed:from the neck downWhat is the leading cause of accidental death among elderly people?fallsMary is helping Mr. Watkins to get out of bed when he becomes dizzy, loses his balance, and falls. How should Mary report this accident?she should tell the nurse about it and fill out an incident (occurrence) reportWhy is a restrain used?to protect a person form harming himself or others, when all other methods, of keeping the person safe have failedYou work in the pediatrics unit of a hospital. One of your small patients has a nasogastric feeding tube that is causing her discomfort, and she keeps trying to pull it out. What should you do to prevent the child from removing the feeding tube?report your observations to the nurseWhat is entrapment?the person becomes trapped in the side rail or between the side rail and the mattressIn which situation would be a seat belt on a wheelchair not be considered a restraint?the patient or resident is able to unfasten the seat belt when you ask her toWhich of the following describes good standing posture when helping to reposition or transfer a person?feet 12 inches apartWhen assisting a person to move to the head of the bed, you should:face the head of the bedWhich person is likely to need help moving and turning in bed?an unconscious personTo transfer a person correctly from a bed to a stretcher, you must:use good body mechanicsWhen moving and positioning people, you should:Avoid friction and shearing, Use good body mechanics, Use pillows and rolled towels to maintain the positionSitting a person on the side of the bed is called:danglingWhen transferring a person from one place to another, you should:loco the brakes of the bed, wheelchair, or stretcherA person in the prone position is lying on his:abdomenWhen moving a person by yourself and the person is wearing a transfer belt:use an underhand graspThe nurse asks you to place a person in the semi-fowlers position while his tube feeding is running. You know the head of the bed should be elevated:30 degreesA mechanical lift can be used to:. Move a patient or resident who is very heavy, Move a patient or resident who is very weak,Help a nursing assistant carry out her duties without injuring herselfWhen transferring a person from a bed to a stretcher, you should position from the bed:level with the stretcherA person who cannot reposition himself independently is at risk for developing:pressure ulcers, blood clots, pneumoniaWhat is it called when a joint is held in one position for too long, and the tendons shorten?a contractureWhy is it important to ensure that your patients or residents are in good body alignment every time you reposition them?most comfortable for patient or resident, prevent complications such as pressure ulcers and contractures, helps the person to breathe easier and improves blood flow to tissuesWhat technique would you use to reposition Rosemary, a 15 year old patient, who has just spinal sugery?logrollingWhich one of the following can be used to treat and control pain?medications, such as aspirin and morphine, back massage, heat and cold applicationsThe purpose of cold applications is usually to:prevent swellingWhat is a heat application used for:To relieve muscle spasms To reduce pain To promote circulation and speed healingDreaming occurs during which stage if sleep?REM sleepMrs. Moyer likes to go to bed at 11:00 pm and sleep in late the next morning. What could happen if Mrs. Moyer is required to go to bed earlier than her preferred bedtime?Mrs. Moyer could have difficulty falling asleep, which could negatively affect her quality of sleepWhen might physical therapy be used for pain management?when a person is having musculoskeletal painA patient or a resident who has difficulty sleeping may experience all of the following exceptincreased alertnessWhich of the following actions can disrupt a patients or a residents sleep?performing routine incontinence care during the nightUnrelieved pain can have which of the following effects?depressionAs a safety measure, when you give mouth care to an unconscious person, you should position the person in which position?lateral with the head tilted fowardWhy do you line the sink with a washcloth when cleaning a persons dentures?to guard against breaking the denturesWhich one of the following is within the range of appropriate temperatures for bath water?105 degreesWhen giving a complete bed bath, you should:Keep the person covered as much as possibleWhen assisting a man with perineal care, you should always:retract the foreskin if the man is uncircumcisedWhen assisting a person with a shower, you should:Use a shower chair if the person is weak or unsteadyWhich of the following actions must be taken to keep the skin healthy?rinse the skin well and dry it thoroughly especially in areas where "skin meets skin"How are natural teeth brushed?using a circular motionWhen assisting a woman with perineal care, you should always:gently yet thoroughly dry the perineal area and vulva, clean the rectal area last, move the washcloth in a downward direction, from front to backWhat is the first thing you should do before assisting a person with a tub bath?check the nursing care plan to make sure the person is allowed to have a tub bathWhich of the following observations made while assisting with mouth care would you report to the nurse?dry, cracked, swollen lips, irritations, sores, in mmouth or tongue, bleeding swelling or redness of the gumsHow long should a back massage last?4-6 minutesYou are a nursing assistant in a long-term care facility. Which of the following procedures may be beyond your scope of practice?trimming the toenails of a resident with diabetesWhen helping a person to dress, which item of clothing would you put on first?underpantsMrs. Dinksley, one of your residents, had a stroke that caused her left side to become weak. You are helping Mrs. Dinksley put on a cardigan sweater. Which arm should you put in the sleeve first?the left armMr. Bush has just been admitted to the long-term care facility where you work. You are telling him about the facility's policies. One of these policies are that residents are bathed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Mr. Bush looks worried, and says that he always bathes and shaves before he goes to bed, and he likes to do this every night. How do you react to this?You respect Mr. Bush's choice and ask the nurse if you can schedule him for a bath and a shave as part of evening care, every eveningBrushing the hair is important to:Make it soft and shiny and prevent tanglesWhen shaving a man's face with a safety razor and shaving cream, you should:soften the beard with warm water before applying the shaving cream, apply aftershave lotion after the shave is complete if the man requests it, give the man a mirror so that he can check his appearance when you are finishedWhen shaving a man's face, you should:Use downward strokes to shave the chinWhich of the following statements about nail care is true?providing nail care allows you to examine the hands and feet for signs of health and diseaseWhich one of the following benefits does a patient or resident enjoy when you shampoo his or her hair?improved circulation (blood flow), to the scalp, a clean, neat appearance, increased feelings of well-beingWhich one of the following statements about helping a resident to dress is true?residents care about how they lookOne of your residents, Mrs. Ament, has diabetes. Why is providing foot care an important part of caring for Mrs. Ament?the circulation to her feet is likely to be poor, which puts her at risk for infection and other complicationsYou must remove a soiled gown from a patient who has an intravenous (IV) line. What is the best way to do this?remove the opposite arm from the gown first