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  1. revile
  2. precipice
  3. auspicious
  4. reprieve
  5. inanimate
  1. a (n.) a very steep cliff; the brink or edge of disaster
  2. b (n.) a temporary relief or delay; (v.) to grant a
  3. c (v.) to attack with words, call bad names
  4. d (adj.) not having life; without energy or spirit
  5. e (adj.) favorable; fortunate

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  1. (v.) to free from tangles or complications
  2. overly self-important in speech or manner;excessively stately or ceremonious
  3. (adj.) very brave, fearless, unshakable
  4. (n.) a lack of government and law, confusion
  5. (adj.) hard to do, requiring much effort

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  1. daunt(v.) to overcome with fear, intimidate; to dishearten,discourage


  2. access(n.) theft


  3. incinerate(adj.) not having life; without energy or spirit


  4. fated(adj.) determined in advance by destiny or fortune


  5. abscondto run off and hide