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In which generation were silicon chips first used in computers?
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A departmental manager is creating a budget estimate for the upcoming year. The manager would like to determine whether the data will be available when the decisions for the next year have to be made. Which characteristic of valuable data is the manager considering?TimelyWhich two are parts of an information system? Choose 2 answersNetworks DatabasesWhat is the difference between processing and storage?Processing collects and translates data into useful information, while storage places the translated data in specific locations.Which is a benefit of multiple interconnected computers (distributed) versus mainframes or large computers?Costs for hardware resources are decreasedMatch each description with the type of computing ecosystem it describes. Answer options may be used more than once or not all. Select your answer from the pull-down list.A software emulator program that permits a computer user to use multiple computers and multiple platforms without the expense of purchasing multiple computers. =Virtual machines Each computer is roughly equal to every other computer. = Peer-to-peer One computer will request information from another computer, which response with the requested information. = Client-serverWhich statement correctly describes the operating system?Allows the user to control the actions of the software, and through the software, to access hardwareWhich action by application programs requires support from a networked operating system?An Internet browser displays a web page.The chief information officer wants to update the network server to improve Internet access while also blocking certain social media websites. What type of server will meet this need?Proxy serverWhich characteristic identifies application software that is cloud-based?Provided by third-party providersWhich two components are parts of a central processing unit (CPU)?Choose 2 answersControl unit (CU) Arithmetic logic unit (ALU)An employee needs to edit a contract and prepare a hard copy for the project team. Which two peripheral devices should be used?Choose 2 answersPrinter MonitorWhich item is a storage device?Flash DriveWhat indicates a specific Internet location?The IP addressWhich description explains the role of a domain name system (DNS)?Translates human-readable aliases into IP addressesWhich part of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) identifies the location of the document on the server?Resource path IDWhich goal of Information Assurance (IA) requires that information is accessible when needed?AvailabilityWhich technique uses all possible combinations of letters and numbers to crack a password?Brute forceWhich is a type of two-factor authentication?Smart cardIn which type of network topology is each networked device directly connected to every other networked device?MeshWhich transmission medium should be used when sending data transmissions from Singapore to Mexico City?Radio signalsWhat statement is true concerning compiled and interpreted computer language?A compiler translates an entire program into executable program, which can be run at a later time, while the interpreter does this incrementally.Which language is often used for rapid prototyping and the creation of GUIs?TCLWhich is true of databases and the applications that interact with them?Applications are interdependent of the database.What is another term for a formula that outlines how to execute a task?AlgorithmWhich is a characteristic of high-level languages?The source code has to be complied.How does a compiler work?It takes the most recent instructions and translates them into machine language.Which data type is used to represent product order code that comprises alphanumeric characters?StringArmando is a freelance graphic designer. He has decided to create a database of the artwork he has done throughout the years. Each of his pieces of art is sorted using an assigned name and number. Which data type will be required in order to create his database?Character stringWhy is it important to ensure that data support business goals?To aid in making strategic decisionsIn which category of the Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom (DIKW) hierarchy would business intelligence be located?KnowledgeNetwork Administrator?Network administrators are responsible for the installation and maintenance of hardware and software that makes up a computer network. Network administrators may also be required to secure the network; this task may be accomplished in conjunction with other IT personnel such as systems administrators. High-level network administration positions, sometimes referred to as network architects or network engineers, are often responsible for designing networks that meet the performance and capacity needs of an organizationSystems Administrator?Systems administrators are accountable for the installation and maintenance of the resources on that network. The systems administrator will, at a minimum, be required to install and configure operating systems on the organization's machines, install new hardware, perform software upgrades and maintenance, and handle user administration. Other duties include performing backup and recovery, system monitoring, performance tuning, and troubleshooting. The systems administrator may also be involved with application development and deployment, system security and reliability, and work with networked file systems.Web Administrator?The web administrator, also known as the webmaster, but more precisely referred to as a web server administrator, is responsible for maintaining websites. This differs from the development of websites. Specifically, the web administrator must install, configure, maintain, secure, and troubleshoot the web server. The web administrator may or may not be responsible for the hardware. Typically, the web administrator is not a systems administrator on those computers. herefore, the web administrator will have to work with the systems administrator on some aspects of installation and configuration.Database Administrator?Database administrators have a long list of important responsibilities, but with a focus on the design, development, and support of database management systems (DBMSs). Tasks will include installation, maintenance, performance analysis, and troubleshooting as with the other administrative areas. There are specific applications, performance tuning parameters, and procedures associated with the DBMS that are separate from those of systems administrators and web administrators.Computer Support Specialist?Computer support specialist is somewhat of an umbrella term. Some of the roles of the support specialist could be a responsibility of a systems administrator. The support specialist primarily operates as a trainer and troubleshooter. Training tasks may include the production of material such as technical manuals, documentation, and training scripts. Training may take on numerous forms including group training, individual training, training videos, and the production of training videos and software. Troubleshooting might involve working the help desk, training help desk personnel, and overseeing the help desk personnel.Which statement describes the role of a network administrator?Network administrators are responsible for the installation and maintenance of hardware and software that make up a computer network.Which statement about the systems analyst role is accurate?The role includes both business and technical knowledge and relies on effective communication to understand clients' requirementsWhich statement describes the role of a systems administrator?Systems administrators are responsible for supporting, monitoring, and maintaining workplace technology and end users.Which role is responsible for maintaining websites?Web administratorWhich task describes the role of a database administrator?ntegrating data from legacy systems to newer systems and playing a role in application design and developmentWhat is another title for a web administrator? (Select all that apply).Webmaster Web server administratorTrue or False Although database administrators have many responsibilities, their focus is the design, development, and support of database management systems (DBMSs).TrueWhat is the primary duty of a computer support specialist?The computer support specialist primarily operates as a trainer and troubleshooter.Which of the following describes a computer support specialist's responsibilities? (Select all that apply.)Overseeing help desk personnel Working the help desk Training help desk personnelwhat are the differences between Data vs InformationData 18:23 45 mph 15% humidity Phoenix information It's hot outside. The time is 3:05 am. The customer's name is Mike. The price of the item is $4.25.True or False Data includes raw facts or observations, and given context, becomes information.trueFacts gathered from observations or from a clock that measures time are examples of data. What is not an example of data?It is cold outsideIn 2015, Target, a retail store with an online presence, experienced a security breach that resulted in the loss of data affecting approximately 40 million customers. If you are not familiar with this security breach, read more about it in this article, then answer the following question. Which types of data were stolen during the Target credit card hack?Customer names Credit and debit card numbers Card verification values (CVVs) *All of the above is the answerDuplicate dataTwo or more identical recordsConflicting dataThe same records with differing attributesIncomplete dataMissing attributesInvalid dataAttributes not conforming to standardizationUnsynchronized dataData not appropriately shared between two systemsTrue or False Most of the data stored today are unstructured and include things such as text, blogs, clickstreams, tweets, and audio. This data is not organized in a way that allows for analysis.TrueUnstructured data refers to data that is_____________. (Select all that apply.)more complex possibly stored in a format that is not easily decoded more time consuming to parse through to retrieve the essential informationWhich are examples of structured data?Telephone number Date of birth or transaction First and last name *All of the above is answerTrue or False Both structured and unstructured data are collected by most companies and are stored for potential use in record keeping and data analysis. Both types of data contain potentially useful information.trueTrue or False The term big data refers to the amount of collected data that continues to grow exponentially and is used in new and innovative ways for competitive advantage by companies like Amazon and Netflix.trueWhy is merging unstructured and structured data essential?Both types of data contain essential information. Most of the data stored today is unstructured. Better insights and discovery of hidden connections in data sets help strengthen decision-making. *All of the above is the answerWhich statement is correct given that usability is very subjective, and handheld and desktop computers may be more or less usable based on the demands of the user?A desktop has more processing power.Which type of computer peripheral is used only as an input device?KeyboardAbacusThe abacus was first used in China and then by the early Greek and Roman civilizations. The abacus consists of strings of beads strung on rods which are mounted on a rectangular frame. As the beads are moved back and forth on the rod, their positions represent stored values. To carry out calculations, the abacus needs a human operator. Thus, the abacus must combine with a human to form a system whose purpose is carrying out additions.Punched CardsThe idea of communicating instructions with punched cards originated in 1801 in a system specifying the steps of the weaving process. Different patterns of holes resulted in different woven designs. Herman Hollerith used punched cards to speed up the tabulation process in the 1890 US census. Punched cards were heavily used for a variety of computing systems until the mid-1970s.Leibniz MachineThe Leibniz machine was designed to perform basic arithmetic operations, and the algorithm for addition was embedded into the structure of the hardware itself. Babbage's Analytical Engine (which was never constructed) was designed to read instructions in the form of holes on paper cards. Babbage's Analytical Engine was programmable. Ada Lovelace, who showed in a publication that the Analytical Engine is indeed programmable, is considered to be the world's first programmer.Electromechanical MachineExamples of this progress include the electromechanical machine of George Stibitz completed in 1940 at Bell Laboratories and Mark 1 completed in 1944 at Harvard University by Howard Aiken and a team of IBM engineers. These machines made heavy use of electronically controlled mechanical relays.Fully Electronic ComputerIn parallel to electromechanical machine efforts, the use of vacuum tubes gave way to fully electronic computers, such as the Atanasoff-Berry machine constructed at Iowa State College between 1937 and 1941, and Colossus built in England to decode German messages during the latter part of World War 2. Other more flexible machines, such as ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator) developed at Pennsylvania State University, soon followed.Computing SystemThe development of computer systems largely depended on advancement in technology such as the invention of the transistor. Later the invention of complete circuits allowed for integration of multiple circuits on one piece of semiconductor material such as silicon. These integrated circuits reduced the size of the early computing systems of the 1940s from roomsized machines, to the size of a single cabinet. Processing power began to double every two years.Desktop ComputerA major step in the popularization of computer systems was the development of desktop computers. Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak built the first viable home computer and established Apple Computer, Inc. (now Apple, Inc.) in 1976 to mass-produce their garage-built, home computer. Other companies such as Commodore offered similar solutions, but these smaller computers were not widely adopted by businesses who continued to use the wellestablished mainframe computers.InternetToward the end of the twentieth century, the ability to connect individual computers in a world-wide system called the internet was revolutionizing communication. The British scientist Tim Bernes-Lee proposed a system by which documents stored on computers throughout the internet could be linked together producing a system of linked information called the World Wide Web. In order to make web pages more accessible to users, search engines (i.e. Bing and Google) and browsers (i.e. Edge and Chrome) were developed. Search engines use technologies to index and tag pages so users can quickly search for resources based on keywords.Personal ComputerIn 1981, IBM introduced its first desktop computer called the personal computer, or PC, whose underlying software was developed by a newly formed company known as Microsoft. The term PC is now widely used to refer to all machines that evolved from IBM's personal computer product, including desktops and laptops.Hand-Held ComputersTiny computers are embedded in a wide variety of electronic appliances and devices. Because hardware components are continuing to reduce in size, the capabilities of smartphones continue to expand. These hand-held computers are much more than mobile telephones. They are equipped with a wide variety of sensors, including cameras, microphones, compasses, and touch screens, as well as a number of wireless technologies used to communicate with other smartphones and computers.Memory address register (MAR)Holds the memory location of data that needs to be accessedMemory data register (MDR)Holds data that is being transferred to or from memoryAccumulator (AC)Holds the ALU resultsProgram counter (PC)Holds the address of the next program instruction to be executedCurrent instruction register (CIR)Holds the current instruction during processingWhat is the primary difference between a modern handheld computer and a modern desktop computer?A desktop has more processing power.1 kilobyte (KB) 1 megabytes (MB) 1 gigabytes (GB) 1 terabyte (TB) 1 petabyte (PB)2^10 or 1,024 bytes 2^20 or 1,048,576 bytes 2^30 or 1,073,741,824 bytes 2^40 or 1,099,511,627,776 bytes 2^50 or 1,125,899,906,842,624 bytesWhich type of computer peripheral is used only as an input device?KeyboardWhat is the role of the CPU in a computing system?Performing instructions of computer programsWhich network topology best handles downed links without losing connectivity between devices?MeshThe devices in Mei's office are interconnected in which type of network?LANPAN (Personal Area Network)A PAN (personal area network) is normally used for short-range communications, within a few feet, such as wireless headphones to a smartphone or a wireless mouse to a PC.LAN (Local Area Network)LANs (local area networks) consist of a collection of computers in a single building or building complex.WAN (Wide Area Network)WANs (wide area networks) link systems over a greater distance, including machines on the opposite sides of the world.Network Elements LaptopA laptop computer is a portable personal computer with a folding design. It includes an integrated flat screen, a keyboard with a mouse, and usually, a battery. It can also contain a CDROM, DVD-ROM, as well as various other devices such as SD card readers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etcetera. Laptops typically connect to networks via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.RouterRouters are special-purpose computers that forward messages to and from the machines on their network. They use their forwarding table to match up the private IP address with the internet IP address and send the message to the correct machine.FirewallA firewall monitors network traffic and blocks traffic that triggers its safety rules, providing a barrier between a trusted private network and an untrusted network like the internet.ModemA modem bridges between the customer network and the ISP, converting the incoming analog data into digital, and the outgoing digital data into analog. It provides the access point to the internet.InternetThis term is often confusing. To ensure the proper meaning of the term, pay attention to whether or not it is capitalized. The Internet (with a capital I) generally refers to the worldwide Internet and is most often what non-technical people are referring to when they speak of the Internet. However, an internet is simply a network of networks. Often, when IT professionals refer to the internet, they are referring to a network of networks.Tablet ComputerA tablet computer is a portable computer typically with touchscreen display and a rechargeable battery in a thin and flat design. Typically, it connects to a network via Wi-Fi.SwitchA network switch extends the network by using packet switching to forward data to the intended hard-wired devices.ServerA server is a computer that provides services, such as website hosting and routing, for other devices.Desktop ComputerTypically, a tower chassis enclosure which contains the internal components of the computer system, an external display that provides output, and a keyboard and mouse to provide input. Desktops typically connect to a network via Ethernet but can also utilize Wi-Fi.What is the minimum grade of network cable required to transmit 1 Gpbs?What is the minimum grade of network cable required to transmit 1 Gpbs?CAT5eWhich type of transmission media can broadcast in baseband mode?Coax cableIP addresses are traditionally written in _____________ notation.dotted decimalWhat is the tool used to encode a document while focusing on appearance known as?HTMLWhich technique allows someone to obtain sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, by pretending to be a trustworthy person?PhishingWhich tool resides between the client and server to protect the client from adverse actions of the server?Proxy serverTrue or False Data breaches are easy to detect.FalseWhich actions might be used to support the hardening of the systems you work with? (Select all that apply.)-Maintain an antivirus system -Use a random password generator and change your passwords frequently -Install security patches as they become availableWhat is the role of a firewall? (Select all that apply.)Block outgoing messages to specified destinations Block incoming messages from untrustworthy sourcesApplication Software areSpreadsheet • Web browser • AccountingSystem Software areMicrosoft Windows • Linux • Mac OS X • DOSWhich of the following contains the basic functions of the operating system?KernelWhich of the following is not true of Windows and Linux?Windows uses the forward slash (/) to express directory paths.Productivity Software Word processing software =Create business and personal documents such as letters, memos, newsletters, posters, and reportsMicrosoft Word Google Docs OpenOffice WriterSpreadsheet software =Create worksheets that perform calculations on financial and statistical data; generating charts, graphs, data visualizations, simple databases, grade books, and invoicesMicrosoft Excel OpenOffice Calc Google SheetsDatabase software =Store and manage data, develop data-driven reports, and provide electronic filingMicrosoft Access Microsoft SQL Server MySQLPresentation software =Create slides using graphs and simple animations to support presentationsMicrosoft PowerPoint OpenOffice Impress Google SlidesMultimedia software =Display audio, video, image, and text contentReal Player VLC Player Media PlayerPersonal information managers =Manage contracts, calendars, tasks, notes, and remindersMicrosoft Outlook Google CalendarCollaboration software Online workplace =Provide an online environment for running cloud-based services and applicationsOffice Online Microsoft SharePoint Google DocsDocument storage =Provide private or shareable file storage via cloud-based servicesMicrosoft OneDrive Google Drive DropboxVideo conferencing software =Place and receive video calls among two or more locationsAdobe Connect GoToMeeting WebExInstant messaging software =Enable two or more people to communicate in real time using textGoogle Hangouts Cisco Jabber Facebook MessengerEmail software =Send and receive email messagesMicrosoft Outlook Gmailspecialized Software Computer-aided design =Create blueprints and 3D renderings of buildings and productsAutoCADGraphic Design =Create and edit drawings and other artworkAdobe PhotoShopMedical =Provide reference to medical professionals; manage medical practice, including patient data, scheduling, and medical recordsMedClarity KareoScientific =Manage the process of doing scientific researchLabVIEW MATLABFinancial =Track and manage financial informationQuicken TurboTaxGaming =Entertain the userWorld of Warcraft Candy CrushEntertainment =Entertain a specific audienceSpotify iTunes Netflix YouTube SlingWhich statement is not true of compilers and interpreters?Compilers do not translate source code into machine code.What is a tree-like structure of records in a database referred to as?Hierarchical database structureWhat is the collection of names, addresses, and account balances of all the patients of Mei's office more technically known as?DatabaseThe name, address, and account balance of each individual patient in Mei's office is known as a:RecordWhich factors should Mei consider when choosing a file organization system? (Select all that apply.)Scalability Security Data retrieval speedWhich of the following systems are examples of database applications in Mei's medical office? (Select all that apply.)Patient scheduling system Billing system Equipment inventory system Accounting systemMei's database administration function includes:Managing user access to resourcesWhich data type uses a constructor that accepts no parameters?booleanWhich classification for documents is used when the unauthorized disclosure, alteration, or destruction of data would result in little or no risk?publicWhich database can increase resources to accommodate for demands on the system while maintaining high availability even in the case of local or regional outages?Cloud databaseWhich data management tool deals with analyzing specific categories of historical information and making decisions based on that information?Data and business intelligenceWhat is the expected output for the following SQL query? SELECT * FROM Patient WHERE LastName = 'Moore';All records from the Patient table where the patient's last name is "Moore"Which functions would Mei be completing in her network administrator role? (Select all that apply.)-Managing the telephone system network -Connecting two or more computers together so they can communicateWhich function would Mei be completing in her database administrator role?Giving new users access to various databasesMei is unsure that the project task list will remain unchanged. Which of the following risks best describes Mei's concern?Scope creepGiving rights to new users so they can access various databases is a very common task database administrators perform. Mei's medical office has outsourced IT support services. What is one probable advantage of outsourcing?Reliance can be placed on the expertise of outsourcing vendors.As a part of effective IT governance, the IT plan in Mei's office should be consistent with the organization's:Business planPhases of Project Management InitiationDefine the project Begin with a business case and feasibility study Develop project charterPlanningDevelop a roadmap Set the project goals Define the project scope Draft a project management planExecutionHold a kick-off meeting Develop the project team Develop and complete project deliverables Monitor the project timetable Observe project performanceClosureDeclare the project complete Dissolve the project team Complete the final project documentation Reflect on strengths and areas for improvementMei is unsure that she can control the allocation of costs during the project budget control issues, such as underestimated or improper allocation of cost. Which of the following risks best describes Mei's concern?Budget riskMei is unsure whether all company employees will be using the new system. Which of the following risks best describes Mei's concern?Resistance to changeMei is concerned that some team members may become unavailable during the project. Which of the following risks best describes Mei's concern?Resource riskMei is concerned whether the selected vendor will complete the planned deliverables as agreed. Which of the following risks best describes Mei's concern?Contract riskMei is concerned that Task C will not be complete by a given date so that Task D can commence on time. Which of the following risks best describes Mei's concern?Project dependenciesWhich type of systems testing includes having developers test internal structures of software?White-boxCold storageCold storage offers less frequent access and is maintained on minimal equipment that is considered lower performance. Returning to normal operations after a disaster is slower with cold storage. Some examples of cold storage include tape backup, offline cloud storage, and even some online services such as Amazon Glacier and Google Coldline. One significant advantage of cold storage, however, is that it is less expensive than hot storage.Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Hot storageHot storage allows organizations the quickest access to restore critical data in the event of a disaster or catastrophe. Hot storage solutions typically involve the latest and greatest storage equipment and the fastest protocols. In addition, hot storage is typically located close to the client or in multiple locations to ensure fast access. Some hot data storage solutions include Microsoft's Azure Hot Blobs and Amazon's AWS service, but these premium solutions can be quite expensive because of the high-performing resources and protocols involved.What is the purpose of a business continuity plan?To enable an organization to continue offering critical services in the event of disruptionsA disaster recovery planplan specifies how a business will resume after an event to continue its operations.A business continuity planplan specifies how the business will keep providing products and services and generate revenue after an event.Mei and her team write the code for a new application. Which phase of the software development life cycle does this describe?ImplementationMei and her team draw the class diagrams for a new application. Which phase of the software development life cycle does this describe?DesignMei and her team analyze the needs of the users of their new software application. Which phase of the software development life cycle does this describe?Requirements analysisWhat does the acronym CIA stand for in cybersecurity?Confidentiality, integrity, and availabilityWhich part of the CIA triad addresses rules that restrict access to only those who need to know?ConfidentialityWhich part of the CIA triad addresses the level of assurance that can be given as to how accurate and trustworthy data is?IntegrityThe level of assurance that data will be available to people who need it, when they need it is referred to asavailabilityMei is buying equipment from an online retail site, and she finds that she is able to change the price of the equipment from $1,000 to $10. Which part of the CIA triad has been broken in this scenario?IntegrityMei is downloading payment details from the portal of an insurance company when the portal crashes. She is unable to continue the download of records. Which part of the CIA triad has been compromised in this scenario?AvailabilityWhich of the following would be a disadvantage of an ethical code of conduct? (Select all that apply.)It has no legal impact. -t may not apply to new issues. -It is entirely voluntary.Mei gets the company's phone service invoice in the mail. The bill was supposed to be for $800, but the receptionist spilled water on it and smeared the ink. The bill now asks for $80. Which part of the CIA triad has been compromised in this scenario?IntegrityMei's medical office is looking for a system to manage the electronic health records of its patients and has published a request for proposals (RFP). Tom, Mei's brother, is managing a team at a large software producer that has decided to bid for the contract to provide a solution for the medical office. What could Mei and Tom do to avoid possible conflicts of interest? (Select all that apply.)Mei should not disclose details of offers by any respondents to the RFP. -Both Tom and Mei should disclose the conflict of interest. -Tom and Mei should not discuss details of the contract outside official channels.The medical office is hiring a support specialist to assist Mei in managing the technology supporting business operations. Dozens of qualified candidates have applied, including the daughter of the office's receptionist, Mary. Mary and Mei are good friends outside of work. How could Mei stay objective in the selection of the new technical support specialist? What can she do to avoid pressure from her friend Mary? (Select all that apply.)-Mei should ask a colleague to sit in on the interview with Mary's daughter. -Mei should use the same selection criteria for all candidates. -Mei should not discuss the job with Mary. -Mei should ask a colleague to interview Mary's daughter.The medical office treated A.J. three days ago. Today, the police are in Mei's office asking for A.J.'s medical records. What information can Mei release without a warrant? (Select all that apply.)Mei should follow the protocol advised by the medical council of her state. Mei should follow both HIPAA and state privacy protocols.Reflect for a moment about ethics, then respond to the following question. As an IT professional in a situation that might compromise data security, which of the following is an advantage of having an explicit professional code of conduct?It clarifies the recommended acceptable standards of behavior for a professional group consisting of a wide variety of people.When you visit Mei's office's website, the site (like many other websites) has the capability of recording data, called cookies, on your computer indicating that you have visited that site. These cookies can then be used to identify return visitors and to record other previous activity so that future visits to the site can be handled more efficiently. The cookies on your computer also provide a record of the sites that you have visited. Should the website for Mei's office have the capability to record cookies on its patients' computers?Yes, the cookies allow a web application to respond to the user as an individual.Which field must contain a unique value in order for a relational database table to function?Primary keyWhat are the three main categories of databases?Flat file, relational, hierarchalWhat is the role of drivers in facilitating communication between applications and databases?They allow the application to interact with the database.What is the database administrator's role in security?To institute protocols to protect the databases from external threatsWhich SQL clause is used to inform the database management system (DBMS) which tables should be interrogated by the query?FROMWhich risk assessment question is part of the Initiation Phase?Could the end users reject the outcome of the project?In what phase of a project does time estimation occur?PlanningWhat effect does scope creep have on a project?It increases unplanned costs for the project.Which system requirement is an example of considering user needs in the design of an information system?Allowing secure access to customer account informationWhich type of systems conversion involves starting the conversion with a portion of end users?PilotWhich type of systems conversion involves starting the conversion with a portion of end users?User AcceptanceWhat are two necessary elements of business continuity planning?Choose 2 answersAssessing key organizational activities Identifying risks that may occurWhat is the purpose of an IT department?It helps the organization achieve strategic goals.What is a role of the systems administrator?To install and maintain network resourcesWhich action would be important for the IT department to take in order to help their business meet the goal of increased expansion?Expanding the infrastructure to support additional locationsWhat step should be taken by a business when a third-party solution is found that will benefit a project?Contact the group to arrange a demo of their productWhich disaster recovery strategy is used to save information to multiple hard drives at the same time?Data mirroringWhich action would support confidentiality?Updating security softwareWhich regulation governs the actions of a company in the case of data records being compromised, lost, or stolenSecurity Breach Notification lawsHow can an organization assist employees with the ethical use of information technology?By developing policies for information usageMatch each action with the corresponding category. Answer options may be used more than once or not at all.-Engages in best practices for information systems =Part of the role of an IT professional association -Writes laws dealing with information technology =Outside of the role of an IT professional association -Provides professional standards for ethical behavior= Part of the role of an IT professional associationWhat is one of IT's roles in globalization?It allows companies to reach a wider customer base.