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A person's telephone area code is an example of a(n) __ variable
a. ratio
b. interval
c. nominative
d. ordinal
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A doctor's office needs to know how many of their services are used by their patients during a one year time period. Before a patient leaves their office, a summary report includes the date, the doctor they saw, the services provided, and the total charge for each service. What data sourcing method would best describe this data scenario?
Business Analytics is... a. a new field that does not use traditional statistics to analyze big data b. an extension of traditional statisticsb. an extension of traditional statisticsQuantitative or Qualitative? Dollar Amount on an accounts receivable invoiceQuantitativeQuantitative or Qualitative? The net profit for a company in 2017QuantitativeQuantitative or Qualitative? The stock exchange on which a company's stock is tradedQualitativeQuantitative or Qualitative? The national debt of the United States in 2017QuantitativeQuantitative or Qualitative? The advertising medium (radio, television, or print) used to promote a productQualitativePossible qualitative data for Stitchfix to collect is a clothing size such as small, medium, and large. This is an example of a(n) __ variable. a. ordinal b. nominal c. discrete d. continuousa. ordinalOrdinal or Nominative? Statistics course letter gradeOrdinalOrdinal or Nominative? Door choice on Lets Make a DealNominativeOrdinal or Nominative? Personal computer ownershipNominativeOrdinal or Nominative? Television show classificationsOrdinalOrdinal or Nominative? Restaurant ratingOrdinalOrdinal or Nominative? Income tax filing statusNominativeQualitative VariableA variable that can have values that indicate into which of several categories of a population it belongsQuantitative or Qualitative?Quantitative or Qualitative?Quantitative or Qualitative?CensusExamining all of the population measurementsStrataNon-overlapping groups of similar elements in a populationA __ is a subset of the units in a population a. variable b. sample c. process d. censusb. sampleA local store wants to find out if a new item is linked by their customers. They ask the first 10 customers that enter the store and use only this data. This is an example of __ sampling. a. response b. cluster c. simple random d. stratified random e. conveniente. convenientWhen a low response bias occurs, what should you do?Conduct another sample to increase the response rateConvenience samplingA type of sampling in which we select elements because they are easy or convenient to sampleStitchFix has 1000 customers they sampled by age. They should use __ random sampling to randomly select 50 customers from each age group.StratifiedBy randomly selecting a starting point then choosing every 50th person, we are conducting a __ random sample.SystematicThe 2020 Presidential Election was in November and we saw reports on the percentage of Americans who were registered to vote in the national. If we wanted to sample all registered voters in the United States and avoid bias, as well as, save time and money, what would be the appropriate sampling method to use?Cluster Random Sampling by regions nationwidePopulationA set of all elements we wish to studyIn order to select a stratified random sample, we divide the population into (overlapping/non-overlapping) groups.non-overlappingWhen a person gives an answer that they think you want to hear or is politically correct, this is an example of which bias? a. undercoverage b. recording error c. measurement error d. response biasc. measurement errorAmazon collects random reviews from their customers on the West Coast as the data they use for their nationwide marketing plan. This is an example of which bias? a. response bias b. undercoverage c. nonresponse error d. recording errorb. undercoverageThe purpose of collecting a random sample from a population is: a. to replicate the population b. to create a census c. to ask the next question d. to make statistical inferences about the entire populationd. to make statistical inferences about the populationA (qualitative/quantitative) variable can also be referred to as a categorical variablequalitativeUndercoverageA sampling bias that occurs when some population elements are excluded from the process of selecting the sampleIn __ we select elements because they are easy to sample a. probability sampling b. convenience sampling c. judgment sampling d. random samplingb. convenience samplingRelative Frequency equationfrequency/sum of all frequenciesA bar chart is a graphic that can be used to depict (quantitative/qualitative) dataqualitativeA "Yes or No" question is: a. evaluative b. open-ended c. dichotomous d. systematicc. dichotomousFrequencyThe number of measurements falling within a class intervalRelative Frequencythe proportion of measurements in a classWhen developing a frequency distribution, the class intervals must be ___ a. large b. integer c. small d. nonoverlappingd. non overlappingGiven a scatterplot, if one quantitative variable increases when the other quantitative variable decreases, the direction is __.negativeWhat is it called when we combine graphs with predictive analytics? a. data visualization b. storytelling c. graphic tabulations d. visual analyticsd. visual analyticsWhat should be included on a graph axis when the scale does not start at zero?slashesWhen looking at the shape of the distribution using a histogram, a distribution is skewed to the (left/right) when the left tail is shorter than the right tail.rightA histogram is graphic that can be used to depict (qualitative/quantitative) dataQuantitativeScatter plotA graphic that shows the relationship between two variablesData VisualizationThe process of displaying large quantities of data in a meaningful wayGiven a scatterplot, if one quantitative variable increases as the other quantitative variable increases, the direction is __positiveWhich of the following are included in the Key Points of Storytelling? a. choose the appropriate graph and tell an accurate story b. always include a title and data values c. include slashes d. always start the frequency axis at zeroa. choose the appropriate graph and tell an accurate storyIf a histogram has a long left or right tail, the data is described as: a. approximately normal b. a story c. skewed d. misleadingc. skewedBar ChartDisplays the frequency of each class with qualitative dataHistogramDisplays the frequency of each class with quantitative dataIf a dataset's maximum value is 1500 but the graph only goes to 1000, this is an example of: a. misleading graphs b. data ethics c. data analysis d. ownershipa. misleading graphs