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What are the dates for the Renaissance?
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Which French composer is considered as the pioneer of impressionism in music?Claude DebussyGerman texted solo song with piano accompanimentLied or Art SongList two prolific composers in Lied genre in the 19th Century- Franz Schubert - Robert Schumann___________________ is a musical technique in which a leitmotif, or theme, is developed by changing the theme by using permutation (transposition, modulation, inversion or retrograde).thematic transformation____________________is a piece of orchestral music, usually in a single continuous movement, which illustrates or evokes the content of a poem, short story, novel, painting, landscape, or other (non-musical) sources in the 19th CenturyOvertureHis opera is considered as a music drama. In Germany, the trend toward organic unity culminate din the massive music dramas. These huge works based on Germanic legend fused every aspect of artistic presentation—staging, sets, costumes, lighting, orchestra, and vocalists, in highly unified dramatic production. The music was a continuous ebb and flow of voice and orchestra in which there was no artificial separation of aria and recitative. The use of leitmotif for each character also is such a groundbreaking techniqueRichard WagnerList two composers who are dedicated to the development of piano genre in the 19th century- Franz Liszt - Frederic ChopinWhat is the definition of program music?Instrumental music with a literary or pictorial association supplied by the composer. Music that expresses an extra-musical idea, whether of mood, narrative, or pictorial image.How do absolute music and program music differ?Program music has an extra-musical idea that is being depicted by the composer. Absolute music has no extra-musical idea, and the composer gives no idea what the music might be depicting.The Classical period flourished in music during the years____________1730-1820Instrumental music composed purely as music, and not intended to represent or illustrate something else in contrast.Absolute musicList three important musicians of the first Viennese School in the Classical period (their last names)Haydn, Mozart, BeethovenA string quartet consists ofViolin 1, Violin 2, Viola, and CelloSonata form is a type of composition in three sections (__________, __________, and _____________) in which two themes are explored according to set key relationships. It forms the basis for much classical music, including the sonata, symphony, and concertexposition, development, and recapitulationIn the Classical period, musical forms including sonata forms, theme and variations, and rondo forms have been developed and composers applied these forms in their works. Why composers use the forms especially in this periodFormality was very important in the Classical period, so these forms were developed and applied to the music. These forms were precise, meaning that these composers could employ these multiple different kinds of form in order to produce large amounts of music in whenever demanded to. These forms also led to longer musical pieces, as symphony, string quartet, and concertos all include several movements which were written specific to the form they followed.