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TCP (transmission control protocol)works at both ends of internet communication to ensure a perfect copy of a message is sentprotcolEnables communication by defining the format of data and rule for exchangeCacheis a temporary storage space used to speed computing taskscomputer programs making decisions without any human intervention conduct most U.S. stock tradingtrueIP addresses can oftentimes by used to identify a users geographic locationtrueinternet networks arepacket-switched networkspeering refers toa situation when ISPs connect their networking equipment together to share trafficRouters dont have perfect, end- to- end information on all points in the internettruesupporters of net neutrality believeit will improve innovation, it will keep costs lowThe User Datagram Protocol (UDP) acts as a substitute to TCP when there is a need for speed of communication, but where perfect and complete transmission quality can be sacrificedtruethe fault-tolerant nature of the DNS ensures thatthe service continues functioning even if one nameserver goes downDomain name service (DNS)internet directory service that allows devices and services to be named and discoverablelast miletechnologies that connect end users to the internetIP adressvalue used to identify a device that is connected to the internetHypertext transfer protocol (HTTP)allows web browsers and servers to communicate with each otherInternet service provider (ISP)firm that provides access to the internet