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according to the text, which of the following is a common characteristic of militant religious movementsthey believe that government should be controlled by believerswhich of the following is an example of a non-governmental organization (NGO)amnesty internationalWhich of the following is not an intergovernmental organizationGeneral Motorsthis is the integration of states, through increasing contact, communication, and tradeglobalizationthe original bretton woods fixed exchange rate system came to an end when this U.S president announced that the dollar would no longer be convertible to goldnixonthis refers to a system in which markets rather than governments determine the relative values of national currenciesfloating exchange ratesThis refers to the world economic system forged after World War II that favors free market principles and open trade.Liberal International Economic OrderAccording to this principle, every country should receive the same trading standards (i.e. tariffs) as every other country.none of the aboveOriginally this institution maintained a fund that countries could draw from to correct balance-of-payments deficits and thereby maintain stable currency exchange ratesInternational Monetary FundFollowing World War II, this U.S. policy provided billions of dollars in aid to the war-torn countries of Western Europe to rebuild their economies by purchasing U.S. goodsMarshall PlanThis refers to the market reforms that the IMF and World Bank require countries to adopt as a condition for receiving loans to help them pay their foreign debtsStructural Adjustment PoliciesThis refers to the free market and free trade principles of the global financial system that came under severe strain and criticism following the global financial crisis of 2008Washington Consensusthis refers to the total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a yearGross Domestic ProductThis refers to policies like tariffs that are designed to protect domestic producers from foreign competitionProtectionismWhich of the following is not an example of protectionism?NondiscriminationThis refers to government support for particular domestic industries to help them gain competitive advantages over foreign producersstrategic trade policyThis organization was established by the Uruguay Round of GATT to enforce trade agreements and hand down binding decisions in trade disputesWorld Trade OrganizationThis principle, central to the World Trade organization, says that the most advantageous tariff rate given to any one country must be given to allmost favored nationOver 40% of U.S. trade can be characterized as the followingIntra-firmThis refers to a multinational corporation moving its headquarters to another country to reduce its taxesCorporate inversionThis refers to a company locating its production or service operations closer to where the goods or services will be sold in order to increase efficiencyNear-sourcingThis principle states that countries should specialize in what they can produce at the lowest opportunity cost, and trade for the products that other countries can produce more efficientlyComparative advantageWhich of the following is not a principle of mercantilism?The greatest benefit to the consumer is secured by the "invisible hand" of the marketplaceLook up chapter 12look up at chapter 12According to this document, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948, "Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice, and peace in the world."none of the aboveWhich of the following measures uses life expectancy, literacy, average number of years of schooling, and income to assess a country's performance in providing for its people's welfare and security?none of the aboveThis is the attempt to annihilate the members of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group, reduce their reproductive capacity, or destroy their culturegenocideWhich of the following terms refers to the systematic killing of members of a specific gender?none of the aboveThis is the tendency of many people to see their nationality or state as the "center of the world" and superior to others, with the result that the values and perspectives of other countries or peoples are misunderstood or demeanedEthnocentrismWhat is the primary motive for human trafficking?Sexual exploitationWhich of the following is not part of the International Bill of Rights?international Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial DiscriminationThis refers to efforts such as using peacekeeping troops to protect people from gross violations of human rights within their countriesHumanitarian interventionWhich of the following statements is the most accurate.There are about half as many people living in extreme poverty today than in 1990.Which of the following is not a documented result of women becoming educated and earning income:Men become sexually impotent.Which of the following is not a predicted consequence of human induced climate change?Sexually transmitted diseases will increase as warmer weather stimulates increased sexual activity.This refers to the planetary warming that results when gases released from the burning of fossil fuels act as a heat-trapping blanket in the atmosphere.Greenhouse effectThis refers to the dilemma that arises when each member of a community pursues his or her short term personal interests at the expense of the long term common good, particularly with respect to ecological resources?Tragedy of the commonsWhich of the following refers to the maximum number of humans and other species that can be supported by a given territory?Carrying capacityWhich of the following countries is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases?ChinaThe following treaty has achieved dramatic reductions in the production of substances that deplete the ozone layerMontreal ProtocolThis refers to pessimists who warn of the global eco-political dangers of uncontrolled population growthnone of the aboveThis principle has been embraced by the United Nations and international community to guide environmental protection efforts without sacrificing human needsSustainable developmentWhich of the following is not a factor driving deforestation?None of the above.This term refers to optimists who believe that free markets and free trade will eventually correct the ecological imbalances that threaten human wellbeingCornucopians