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Latin root tract mstalkowski

root - tract

to drag or pull

tractor (noun)

a vehicle designed to drag or pull something else often used on farms

attract (verb)

to be pulled toward something because you like what it is or what it looks like

attractive (adj.)

a word describing something one feels pulled toward because one likes it or what it looks like

attraction (noun)

something one is pulled toward because one likes it

retract (verb)

to pull back like an inaccurate newspaper story

distraction (noun)

something that pulls one attention toward it

distract (verb)

to pull one's attention away

extract (verb)

to pull or take something out

extraction (noun)

something pulled or taken out

contract (noun)

an agreement that pulls people together because they agree on the terms

contract (verb)

to pull together or to "catch" a disease or illness like a cold or the flu

contractor (noun)

a person who reaches an agreement with someone to perform certain responsibilities or duties

traction (noun)

to have grip or the ability to move or drag something

contraction (noun)

two small words pulled together to form one word by omitting a letter or letters and substituting an apostrophe for the missing letters

detract (verb)

to diminish or decrease in value or opinion because of a flaw, mannerism, or characteristic

intractable (adj)

not able to be easily managed or led like someone who is stubborn

tractable (adj)

able to be easily managed or led

protract (verb)

to drag something out for a longer time

protractor (noun)

a tool often used in math to measure angles

tract (noun)

a path that things are pulled down like the gastro-intestinal tract or a segment of land

abstract (adj.)

doesn't represent something in it's actual form like an abstract painting; or an idea that is not easily described like freedom

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