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Skeletal muscle
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Step 5 in a muscle contractionATP is broken down, energy is used to cock myosin back in place. If Ca ions remain, the cycle repeats. If Ca ions are pumped out, troponin binds to active siteWhat are the functions of the skeletal systemsupport, movement, protection, and regulationdArk bandArea of overlap between thick and thin filaments,lIght bandCasing around the thin filaments on the outsides of the sarcomere.M - linemiddle of sarcomeresarcomereFrom z line to z lineThick filimentin the middle aka myosinThin filimentThink filaments aka actin runs in between thick filimentsZ lineDefines the lateral boundaries of the sarcomere and anchors thin titin, and nebulin filamentDescribe the use of energy by the muscular systemCreatine phosphate stores energy and then ADP is converted to ATP to be used by the body