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Corn oil
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LipidsIn the body____ help maintain cell membranes.Nervous system developmentA babies body uses fatty acids for:Bonded to eachother into hydrogen atomsFatty acids have a chain of carbons ______.lenoleic acid____ is considered to be dietary essential.Using the same knife or marinate for raw chicken and vegetablesOlivia is preparing food for a group and wants to lower her risk of food borne illness. She should limit:40-140 degrees FahrenheitPathogenic bacteria like to multiply in temperatures _____.costenium botulinum______ cause blurry vision, muscle weakness, difficulty swallowing, and death.Fat solubleVitamins D, E, K are:Raw ground turkey_____ is a source of food borne pathogens.Potato salad_____ is a source of staphylococcus argos.EcoliHarper has eaten an under cooked hamburger patty. She later experiences intestinal cramps, bloody diarrhea, too weak to walk, and experiences kidney failure. The food borne pathogen for this is _____.Raw chicken_____ is a source of salmonellaNyacin_____ is added to grain products for the enrichment process.Vitamin CTyler eats plenty of meat and diary, but avoids fruits and veggies. He bruises easy, sores take a long time to heal, and their gums bleed. He is deficient in:Thyamine______ is added to green products for the enrichment process.RiboflavinDairy is a good source of _____.Antioxidant______ protects vulnerable molecules from free radicals.CarotonemiaLeslie likes to eat carrots, peaches, apricots, and green beans. She recently noticed her skin has turned yellow. She most likely has:Vitamin a_______ deficiency can lead to night blindness.Nyacin, riboflavin, thymineWater soluble vitamins are:IronWhen consuming plant foods vitamin c can increase absorption of _____.Phosphorus____ is a major mineral.Major mineralsSodium, potassium, and phosphorus are:Sodium____ helps maintain normal fluid balance.Riboflavin_____ is added to green products for the enrichment process.Potassium_____ helps the body maintain normal fluid balance.Fat solubleVitamins K, D, and A are:Proper international temperatureCooking food to the ______ would be a good way to avoid food borne illness.Raw ground beef______ is a source of ecoli.20 secondsBefore cooking or after using the restroom wash your hands for ____ with hot soapy water.odor, appearanceA foods ____ or ____ is not a reliable indicator of whether it's safe to eat.Pathogens_____ are disease causing microbes.Local Health DepartmentThe ______ is responsible for inspecting restaurants for food related safety problems.EPAThe _____ is the US government agency that regulates proper use of pesticides.