What do we call the day by day condition outside?
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What is it called when soil is moved by nature/natural causes?erosionWhat's the State Tree?American ElmWhere is 30% of ND's trees located?Turtle Mountain AreaArea in ND with the second highest amount of treesDevils LakeWhat three ways can water erosion happen?sheet, rill, and guile erosionWhat's the Sate flower?Wild Prairie RoseWhat's the State fruit?Chock CherryWhat's the State fish?Northern PikeWhat's the State bird?Western MeadowlarkWho controls all of the hunting and stuff?ND Game and Fish DepartmentWhy are fewer and fewer people dieing from blizzards and other natural causes?Better communication: Technology and better warning systemsWhat is the shortest season?SpringWhat 4 things have to happen to be considered a blizzard?severe weather condition from low temperatures, winds 35 mph or higher, severe snow falling reduces the visibility to 1/4 mile or less for a duration of 3 or more hourswhat are some soil conservation methods?strip cropping, summer fallow, crop rotationwhat animal was abundant before white settlers?Bison