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  1. believed in strict observance of the law
  2. not an organized armed group during jesus' public ministry
  3. centered in jerusalem
  4. their writings-the dead scrolls were discovered in a gave in 1947
  1. a sadducees
  2. b pharisees
  3. c zealots
  4. d essenes

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  1. pharisees
  2. sadducees
  3. zealots
  4. sadducees
  5. essenes

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  1. jewish historian josephus may have been oneessenes


  2. helped to preserve judaism after the destruction of the templepharisees


  3. theologically conservativesadducees


  4. read and produced commentaries on jewish scripturespharisees


  5. to live a life of holiness many withdrew from society and others lived in tight knit groups in towns and villagessadducees