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  1. made of mostly of ordinary men
  2. fell our of existence after the temple was destroyed in 70 CE
  3. to live a life of holiness many withdrew from society and others lived in tight knit groups in towns and villages
  4. law making body
  1. a essenes
  2. b sanhedrin
  3. c sadducees
  4. d pharisees

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  1. sadducees
  2. zealots
  3. pharisees
  4. sanhedrin
  5. sadducees

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  1. believed in strict observance of the lawessenes


  2. one of jesus' chosen 12 apostles was one-simonzealots


  3. an apocalyptic group (believed the kingdom of god would begin with a dramatic/catastrophic event)essenes


  4. some were too rigid in their application of torah to daily lifepharisees


  5. jewish historian josephus may have been oneessenes