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  1. name means separated on
  2. made up mostly of priests and aristocrats
  3. later organized as a revolutionary group opposed to roman rule
  4. to live a life of holiness many withdrew from society and others lived in tight knit groups in towns and villages
  5. supreme court
  1. a sadducees
  2. b essenes
  3. c pharisees
  4. d zealots
  5. e sanhedrin

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  1. pharisees
  2. sadducees
  3. pharisees
  4. sadducees
  5. pharisees

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  1. centered in jerusalemsadducees


  2. important practices: prayer fasting almsgivingsadducees


  3. not an organized armed group during jesus' public ministryzealots


  4. did not believe in resurrection of the deadsadducees


  5. fell our of existence after the temple was destroyed in 70 CEpharisees