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  1. believed in the use of violence to overthrow oppressors
  2. center of influence was the synagogues
  3. centered in jerusalem
  4. an apocalyptic group (believed the kingdom of god would begin with a dramatic/catastrophic event)
  1. a essenes
  2. b sadducees
  3. c pharisees
  4. d zealots

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  1. pharisees
  2. pharisees
  3. pharisees
  4. sadducees
  5. pharisees

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  1. later organized as a revolutionary group opposed to roman rulezealots


  2. made up mostly of priests and aristocratssadducees


  3. read and produced commentaries on jewish scripturessadducees


  4. one of jesus' chosen 12 apostles was one-simonpharisees


  5. originated with judas the galilean's revolt against taxation around 6-7 BCEzealots