20 terms

Digital Painting

How much you can see through pixels or objects.
Adding multiple colors on top of each other.
Smudge Tool
Allows you to move pixels to create multiple hair strands.
Color Picker
How you select shades and tents of colors.
Layer Opacity
How much you can or cannot see the pixels of a layer.
Selection Tools
Tools that allow you to only do something to specific pixels.
Eye Dropper
Allows you to sample specific colored pixels.
Layer Eye
How to turn off the visibility of a layer.
Labeling Layers
How to keep yourself organized when dealing with multiple layers.
Fill Color
Used as a base coat for Digital Painters.
Tool Toolbar
Where to find specific options for each tool, such as brush size, opacity, and hardness.
Where most tools are located in photoshop. Located on the left side of the UI.
Mini Windows
Little windows that can be stacked, and are located on the right side of the photoshop UI.
Tool Opacity
The opacity of a specific Tool.
Paint Brush
A digital tool that simulates paint strokes.
The beginning process of creating art. An initial map or guide for an Artist.
Painting Strategy
Working from Light to Dark.
Photoshop Layers
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich
Bringing colors together by changing opacity.
User Interface

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