PRACTICE: Tone Vocabulary

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CYNICALskeptical; distrustful; negativeEULOGIZEpraise; glorify; celebrateFORMALrespectful; factual; traditionalFRANKhonest; direct; straightforwardHYPERCRITICALdisapproving; judgemental; pickyIMPARTIALuninfluenced; fair; equalIMPLORINGbeg; request; urgeINDIFFERENTunconcerned; average; disinterestedMELANCHOLYsad; gloomy; depressedNEUTRALnot taking sidesNONCHALANTlaid back; casual; unconcernedNOSTALGICsentimental; emotional; regretfulOBJECTIVEunemotional; factual; uninvolvedWARYcareful; cautious; alertZEALOUSenthusiastic; passionate; committed

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