Chemical Toxicity and Labels Practice Exam

The EPA registration number will tell you where it was manufactured?
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If a product has WARNING on its label, that means it is highly toxic and that a "taste to a teaspoon full" of that product can kill you?FalseAnyone may purchase a "Restricted Use Product", but they must first fill out the required application and receive special permission to use it from the County AG Commissioner?FalseAll pesticides must be stored in original containers and kept in a locked storage area?TrueAn applicator may never use less than the recommended amount of pesticide as stated on the label?FalseThe label is the law and you must follow all label directions?TrueAn applicator may apply insecticides less frequently than specified on the label?TrueMixing pesticides with other products is always prohibited?FalseThe "Directions for Use" portion of the label will tell you what type of pests the product will control?TrueIf a product is flammable or corrosive, you can find information about these potential hazards in the?Physical or Chemical Hazard sectionChronic toxicity is caused by single exposure to a pesticide?FalseLD50 is the amount of pesticide in the air required to kill half the test animals?FalseTo learn how much insecticide should be used to control a pest, you should read the "Statement of Practical Treatment" section on the label?FalseThe LC50 of a fumigant that has the signal word DANGER on its label is?0-50 mg/kgA product with CAUTION on the label means that this product is moderately toxic?FalseThe LD50 may be expressed as a dermal or oral and the values are usually expressed in terms of single dosages or exposures as which of the following?All of the aboveA person may be acutely poisoned if exposed to a pesticide product over time?FalseSome liquid formulations may list the pounds of active ingredient per gallon of product?TrueA skull and cross bones should be on every label that has the signal word WARNINGFalseCategory III pesticides have a high LD50 of 500-5,000 and that means they are extremely dangerous.FalsePesticides may be placed in a special container as long as you attach a copy of the label or place a service container label on it?True