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What relationship does ungoverned territory have with terrorism?
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According to the text, academic disagreements about definitions of terms like "war" and "security" matter becausescholars often make policy recommendations to politicians.Hybrid warfare allows inferior militaries toincrease their conventional military capacity by assigning their forces different roles.According to realists, trust is often difficult between states because of the problem ofanarchyA powerful alliance of defense contractors that have a large degree of influence in politics would be most alarming toradical liberalsWeapons of mass destruction (WMD) includeschemical, biological, nuclear, and radiological weaponsIn Latin America, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, the trend has been towarddenuclearization and nuclear-weapon-free zonesState A sends its military to support State B's political structure and fight State B's non-state enemies. This is an example ofcounterinsurgencyWhich countries are NPT-declared weapons states?United Kingdom, France, United States, Russia, and ChinaIn what decade did terrorism become a transnational phenomenon?1960sThe four kinds of terrorism areleft-wing terrorism, right-wing terrorism, ethno-nationalist/separatist terrorism, and religious terrorism.