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- Truman's intervention in Korea was largely done by his own will. The War Powers Act didn't exist, so Congressional approval wasn't given. He was motivated by the UN Security Council's call to repel the North Korean attack on South Korea. The ultimate goal was to prevent communism from spreading in East Asia. South Korea, and likely Japan were the next to see the effects, and Truman wanted to stop that. His decision was largely supported despite the fear that it could provoke further conflict between Russia and the U.S.

- Biden is very hesitant to send troops to Ukraine because it's not in the U.S.'s vital interests. It's not geographically close, not a major trade partner, and has no strong military bases. Biden has other priorities rather than military interventionism. Ukraine isn't a NATO member state, so there is no obligation for the U.S. to act. Ultimately Biden wants to prevent an escalation and war with Russia, but is actually semi-using the signaling method, but instead of military force, it's strong sanctions.

- The Truman Administration's decision was the wiser security policy because it was strong willed in its intentions and was ultimately effective. Truman wanted to improve the U.S. reputation so that they were willing to bear costs to pursue their goals. This set them up for the Cold War where they put themselves in a position to pursue the Soviets from being overly expansionist because they knew the U.S. would have a response. Biden's semi-involvement in the war has proven ineffective and his signaling method has been far less effective than Truman's was. The Alternatives for Truman included not intervening and allowing communism to potentially spread to East Asia. However, a benefit could be that it might've prevented China from joining the war. Alternatives for Biden could be to launch a full scale war, or not get involved at all. Not getting involved at all could weaken the U.S. reputation as an upholder of human rights. Full scale war has the potential for major escalation and loss of life, but would cement the U.S. world reputation.