57 terms

world geo unit 4 Ch 14, Ch 16, Ch 15, Ch. 12, Ch.13

deadly poison was accidentally dumped from a gold mine into Romania's local streams in 2000
ethically diverse former country was held together after World War II by the rule of Communist Party leader Josip Broz Tito
the horrific Nazis crime against humanity that took the lives of approximately 6 million Jews during the war
name of the common European currency introduced into everyday use in 2002
Ottoman Empire
empire expanded into the Balkan Peninsula by defeating the Serbian Empire at the Battle of Kosovo Polje in 1389
South Slavs
collectively the Croat, Slovene, and Serb ethic groups that migrated to the Balkan Peninsula in the 500s from Poland and Russia were referred to as what
ethnic cleansing
the policy the Serbs followed to eliminate their ethnic rivals
Slobodan Milosevic
who was the president of Yugoslavia who was accused of crimes and then voted out of office in 2000
Baltic Republics
the three former Soviet Republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
Russian term for emperor or king
St. Petersburg
name of the city that Peter the Great moved Russia's capital to
group of Mongol warriors who sacked Kiev between 1237 and 1240
small, plain homes in the countryside that many Russians go for relaxing vacations or weekend getaways
the Georgian feast that is filled with food and tosts continuing throughout the evening
command economy
type of economy where the Central government makes all the important economic decisions
Silk Road
4,000 mile trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea
From the 1950s through the 1980s, hundreds of Soviet nuclear devices were exploded at "the Polygon" test site in what republic
Russia insists the Caspian Sea, becase of its lack of offshore oil reserves, is what kind of body of water
British Empire
original Great Game in Central Asia during the 1800s was a struggle between the Russian Empire and what other empire over land
people that have no permanent home, but rather mmove in search of food, water, and grazing land according to the seasons
Central Asian nomad's tent
collective farms
In the 1930s, many Soviet laboroers were gathered and moved to large farm where agriculture was reated like an industry. What were these farms called
Josep Stalin
V.I Lennin led the Communist Party following the Russian Revolution. Who is the Soviet leader who took over after Lenin and led the USSR during WWII
name of the region containing Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia
term tha describes the effect of distance from the sea on climate
Ural Mountains
mountains that are sometimes are considered to be the dividing line between Europe and Asia
largest forest on the planet
Danube River flows through what 1,000-year old city in Czech Republic
Berlin Wall
the barrier that divided the East and West parts of a major German city during the Cold War
Black Death
bubonic plague that killed 25 million people in Europe in the mid 1300s
beginning about 795, what seafaring warriors, using their long boats to conduct hit-and-run raids, terrorized Europe
North European country that has the world's largest parliament
term that is used to describe the process of a region breaking up into small, mutually hostile units
crop that fell in the 1840s that led to a devastating Irish famine
invented rugby and cricket sports
holy wars that were fought in Palestine in Middle Ages and fought between Christians and Muslims over Palestine
citizens elect representatives to rule in their name and the United States is this
from what language did the Romance language of Portugese, Spanish, and Italian evolve
structures that carry water lon distances and the Romans built this
political unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands
United Kingdom
In 1801, England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland were formed into a nation known as what
peninsula that is hme to Spain and Portugal
partially decayed plant matter is cut from bogs and burned as fuel and is used in Ireland
mountain chain that crosses France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria
Apennine Mountains divide what peninsla between east and west
major castle-lined river flows 1,771 miles through the heart of Europe, touching 9 countries on its way to the Black Sea
mountains restrains movement from France to Spain to Portugal
Land of the Midnight Sun
area where the days when the sun never rises in North or Scandanavia, North of Arctic Circle
coal and iron ore
2 of the natural resources needed for industrialization
Italian city built on 120 islands in a lagoon, with the Grand Canal flowing between to the largest islands
name of the hot, steady southern wind that blows from North Africe into South Europe
only country in Europe where state and religion are united
how many islands are there in Greece
yo yo
second oldest toy in the world, found in Ancient Greece, 3,000 years ago
a region that straddles the Caucasus Mountains
a republic in Russia that has experienced the violent upheavel
mountainous area in Azerbaijan now controlled by Armenia