PSYCH 101 Final Exam Review

(CH9:) On her way to class, Hannah notices a fire truck. She does not think about the firetruck and does not consciously remember it. Later, Hannah is asked to develop a story outline. Her outline contains references to her earlier exposure to the fire truck, Hannah would be showing the affect of...
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(CH 8:) Mac always drives through the same way to his best friends house, and on the way he always passes by the golden arches of the local burger joint. Although Mac is not always hungry as he passes these arches, he seems to always develop a craving to eat one of their burgers when he sees the arches, Mac is displaying a phenomenon called...
(CH 13:) Where the people the LEAST likely to submit to the bystander effect?A small town where everyone knows each other(CH 3:) What factor helps ensure the degree of biological preparedness for a species-typical behavior?The combination of anatomical structures and neural systems(CH 3:) Genes contribute to behavior by:Directing the manufacture of protein molecules that build and modify the body.(CH 3:) Which statement is TRUE about dominant and recessive genes:Not all parts of alleles manifest dominant or recessiveness(CH 8.1:) Classical conditioning occurs best when the conditioned stimulus comes slightly before the unconditioned stimulus, and it typically does not occurs at all if the contained stimulus comes slightly after the unconditioned stimulus. This observation supports which theory of classical conditioning?Cognitive theory(CH 8.1:) A researcher has conditioned a group of rats to freeze in response to a sound by presenting the sound just prior to electric shock. The rats then undergo new conditioning trails in which they are presented with both the sound and a light prior to the electric shock. Consistent with the expectation and prediction view of classical conditioning, the rats in a later test will freeze:To the sound but but not the light.(CH 8.2:) What is the difference between positive and negative punishment?Positive punishment entails the arrival of unpleasant stimuli and negative punishment entails the removal of unpleasant stimuli.(CH 8.2:) _________ refers to an increase in the salience of attractiveness of the object that the observed individual is acting upon.Stimulus enhancement(CH 8.2:) In Hefferline's experiment, people listened to music overlaid occasionally by static and were conditioned to produce a tiny thumb twitch to turn the static off. In that experiment the static turning off served a(n) ________ for the thumb twitch.Negative Reinforcer(CH 12:) Young children have an inborn predisposition to give; they give objects spontaneously to others. This occurs around the age of...1(CH 12:) According to Robert Triver's theory of parental investment, the fact that men pay a lesser cost than woman in terms of bearing and rearing children explain why men:Are more aggressive in seeking copulation with multiple partners(CH 12:) Children have been found to _______ the rules of social fantasy play, which _______ Vygotsky's view of play.Strictly enforce; supports(CH 15:) Research on schizophrenia suggests that the greater the expressed emotion in the home, the greater the chances that a diagnosed family members symptoms will worsen and perhaps need hospitalization. The terms expressed emotion refers to family members in the same household:Criticizing and otherwise communicating negative attitudes toward or about the person with schizophrenia.(CH 15:) The _____ and the ______ are often associated with an increased release of cortisol; a hormone produced by the adrenal glands.Stress; worry(CH 15:) Moishe has suffered from mild to moderate depression for more than 4 years and is now experiencing a severe bout of depression that has kept him in bed for about 3 weeks. He would BEST be described as suffering from:Double depression(CH 9:) Implicit memories are different than explicit memories because they do not affect behavior by entering ______ memory as explicit memories do.Working(CH 9:) Pippin is getting ready to take the GRE for entrance into graduate school. Which strategy will MOST likely help him encode the word "jackanapes" and its definition into his long- term memory?Think of a time when he behaved like a jackanapes.(CH 2:) As a technical term, error refers to:Increased randomness in results(CH 2:) Scores on a pre-employment test and subsequent ratings of a job performance were calculated and were found to indicate a correlation coefficient of -1.25. Based on this correlation coefficient, a researcher would be justified in telling the company that:The correlation coefficient is incorrect(CH 2:) All other things being equal, the results of a study are less likely to be statistically significant when there is a...Smaller difference between groups means(CH 1:) Pat is conducting a laboratory study on obedience. Pat is interested in how the proximity of authority figures contributes to level of obedience. Pats field is most likely in _____ field.Cultural(CH 1:) Which of Descartes' beliefs helped pave the way to scientific psychology?The body controls behavior mechanically(CH 1:) The two major specialties that are devoted to the task of understanding individual differences among people are:Personality psychology and abnormal psychology(CH 3:) Which statement is TRUE about dominant and recessive genes:(CH 5:) A biologist finds a plant species thought to be extinct. _______ theory would argue that her positive perception of the events causes arousal in her body. This arousal then causes her to feel the emotion of excitement.