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Both euglena and cyanobacteria are photosynthetic unicellular organisms found in pond water. The feature that distinguishes euglena from cyanobacteria is the
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The technique known as chromosome painting is the result of scientific research. Scientistsuse chromosome painting to mark the locations of genes on human chromosomes withfluorescent tags. It is also possible to apply this technique to the chromosomes of manydifferent species. Chromosome painting allows for which of the following?
Characteristics such as a widow's peak or attached earlobes are determined by the geneticcode. Which components of DNA are referred to as the genetic code?Nitrogenous basesA mutation that occurs in the gametes of an organism will most likely be transferred to whichof the following?The offspring of the organismArthropods are joint-legged animals. Spiders, crabs, pill bugs, centipedes, and millipedesare examples of the many types of arthropods. Which of these arthropods are most closelyrelated?Arthropods of the same speciesA student collected the animal shown below on a field trip. The student used a dichotomouskey and a microscope to classify the animal.PlatyhelminthesDuring the final stages of human gestation, receptors for the hormone oxytocin increase on the smooth muscle cells of the uterus. The release of oxytocin during labor stimulates the smooth muscle tissues in the wall of the uterus. The vigorous constraction of the uterine smooth muscle helps push the baby through the birth canal so that delivery can occur. This process involves the interaction of which organ systems?Endocrine, muscular, and reproductivePeople who have Alzheimer's disease experience an increasing loss of brain function and cognition over time. Alzheimer's is characterized by a buildup of abnormal protein fragments that damage brain cells. Recently scientists have discovered an enzyme, BACE2, that decreases these abnormal protein fragments in the brain of a person with Alzheimer's disease. Which statement explains how BACE2 most likely works?BACE2 speeds up the reaction that breaks down the abnormal protein fragmentsEnzymes are proteins that help increase the rate of chemical reactions inside cells. Theseproteins are composed of many simpler molecules called amino acids. Which of the followingsuggests that the shape of an enzyme determines the enzyme's function?Enzymes are specific to a substrateHealth-care workers are exposed to many different types of pathogenic and nonpathogenicmicroorganisms. Which body systems work together to protect the body from pathogens?Circulatory and immuneParrotfish are herbivores that are found in coral reefs. To escape predation, a parrotfish will graze with a rabbitfish, which has venumous spines at the end of its pelvic fins. The rabbitfish does not benefit from this relationship. Which type of relationship do the parrotfish and the rabbitfish have in the coral-reef environment?CommensalIn recent years humans have interfered with the natural balance within deer populations in various ecosystems. The interference includes eliminating predators of the deer. Which of the following statements correctly describes the long-term outcome of this interference?The deep population will be too large to be supported by producersThe graph shows the basic changes in a forest community after a disturbance occurred. The information shown in the graph suggests that the changes in the forest community werecaused by —succession after a fireA student is asked to draw a food web in which the same organism is a primary consumer as well as a secondary consumer. How should the organism be represented in the food web?The organism must have an arrow pointing to it from a producer and another arrow pointing to it from a primary consumerThe acacia ant nests and feeds in the plant's hollow thorns. The ant helps protect thebullshorn acacia by attacking insects and grazing animals that come near the plant. Therelationship between the acacia ant and the bullshorn acacia is an example of which of thefollowing?MutualismWhich of the following is most likely to cause the greatest disruption to an ecosystem?Emptying an aquarium containing non-native species into a local waterwaywhat genetic characteristic is shared by all four cellsgenetic material composed of DnaIf several pea plants with the genotype T TYy are crossed with pea plants with the genotypeTtyy, what percentage of the offspring will be expected to have the T TYy allele combination?25%During meiosis, homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material. This exchange of genetic materialincreases the genetic variation