40 terms

himanities ch 5-8

provides an account of a scadinavian warrior who rids a community of monsters that have been ravaged by it. also lord of rings is based on
song of roland
powm which extolled Chalemange, embodied values of feudalism's chivalric code
Horn of Roland
constructed of elephant tusk
St. Gall created by Charlemange considered to be ideal monastic life
Bayeux Tapestry
an embroidered document citing the events of the Norman invasion of England in 1066
Chartres Cathedral
claimed as a relic the tunic that the Virgin Mary wore when she gave birth th Christ
barrel vault
A romanesque arcitectural term referring to the elongated arched masonry structure spanning the interior space of a cathedral
architetual term referreing the the wedge-shaped stones that form the arc in a church
an almond shapec oval of light signifying divinity imported from the far east through bryzantium
during the fourth crusade, manipulted it to its advantage thus becoming the most powerful city state in the eastern med.
stained glass in Gothic cathedrals
depicted stories of bibl and provided a visual guide to the scriptures for uneducated churcgoers
flying buttresses
built against the exterior of the building to provide support and to brace it against the wind
Jamb scultures on Chartres south
shows religious leaders such as St. Theodore who is the only one depicted in a contrapposto
mandatory language taught at all medieval universities
Royal chapel of St. Chapelle
has the highest ratio of glass to stone in its construction
Allegory of Good Government
fresco painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in Siena, reflected new views of governemtn
maesta (virgin and Child)
pointed by Simone Martini hung in council chamber of Siena's palazzo
became textile industry capital for production in the western world
painted Chapel in Padua, Italy. depicted naturalism
Issac in the Hebrew bible
the competetion to create a new set of dorrs for the batistry in Florence was based after
won the competition to construct the dome on the Florence Cathedral
Masaccio's Tribute Money
painting showed new interest in 1 point perspictice as well as depiction of charecter in art. peter apears 3 times
Boticelli's Primavera
wan an allegorical painting with figures representing moral values, venus highest value
Davinci's The Last Supper
painted in a monastery refectory
Michaelangelo's David
based on the biblical hero David is carved from 1 block of marble
Raphael's school of Athens
have figures based on Greek philosophers aristotle and plato
Titian's Reclining Nude
depicts a more sensual portrayal of women with dog curled up asleep at foot of bed
Andrea Palladio's Villa La Rotunda
based on the Roman Pantheon design
Characteristics of the "Tempietto"
include classical reference, incorporation of origianl Roman columns and the mathematical orderless of its parts
work made of 3 parts, consisting of painted panels hinged together
the altarpiece of a triptych
also depicts the patrons of the altarpiece
double portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cenami
reflection of the artist himself can be seen in the mirror at the back of the room depicted
Garden of Earthly Delights
painted by Hieronymus Bosch
Isenheim Altarpiece
painted by Matthias Grunewald
The Large Turf
painted in watercolor by Albrecht Durer showing minute detail
printing press
porbably contributed the most to the spread of Martin Luther's ideas on reformation of the church