South and Southwest Asia

Subcontinent of India
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Nuclear Proliferationthe spread of nuclear weapons to new nationsOasisan area in the desert where underground water allows plants to grow year roundWadia dry riverbed that fills with water when rare rains fall in a desertsemiaridsomewhat dryPolytheismthe belief in more than one godMonotheismBelief in one Godmilleniuma period of one thousand yearscenturya period of 100 yearsdecadea period of ten yearsCivilization develops is plentiful, and people are freed up to undertake other work like making tools, weaving, or keeping recordsBased on the teaching of JudaismChristianitymonotheistic religionsJudaism, Christianity, IslamOttoman EmpireIslamic state founded by Osman in northwestern Anatolia. After the fall of the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire was based at Istanbul (formerly Constantinople) from 1453-1922. It encompassed lands in the Middle East, North Africa, the Caucasus, and eastern Europe.Scholars, pilgrims, traders, and conquestHow Islam spreadBritain and FranceThe two countries that took over the part of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East after WWIThe HolocaustThe systematic murder (genocide) of over 6 million European Jews by the Nazi's and their accomplices during WWII.Diasporathe dispersion of the Jews outside IsraelWhat did the Holocaust create a renewed drive for amongst Jews?The creation of a Jewish state in Southwest Asia.Rub al-Khalialso known as the Empty Quarter; the largest sand sea in the world, covering about 250,000 square miles; located on the Arabian PeninsulaStrait of Hormuza strategically important strait (because of the amount of petroleum that passes through it) linking the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of OmanDead Seaa landlocked salt lake between Israel and Jordan that is so salty that almost nothing can live in its waters; it is 1,349 feet below sea level, making it the lowest place on the exposed crust of the earthOPECOrganization of Petroleum Exporting CountriesR.E.E.'srare earth elements (cobalt lithium, etc)Hindu KushA mountain range along the northern border of IndiaKhyber Passa mountain pass of great strategic and commercial value in the Hindu Kush on the border between northern Pakistan and western AfghanistanMt. Ararat (Turkey)Turkey's highest mountain peakIf Afghanistan ever became stabilizedThey could become very wealthy with the billions of dollars of REE's located inside the country.The VedasLong epic poems that are the foundation of HinduismSiddhartha GautamaThe prince who is said to have founded Buddhism.Gupta Empire (The Golden Age)Strong central government Trade and farming Math, Arabic numbers, decimal systemMohandas (Mahatma) GandhiPolitical leader and spiritual leader of the Indian drive for independence from Great Britain after WWI; he stressed non violent but aggressive protesting and civil disobedience.Jawaharlal NehruIndian statesman. He succeeded Mohandas K. Gandhi as leader of the Indian National Congress. He negotiated the end of British colonial rule in India and became India's first prime minister (1947-1964).Sri LankaInsular country off of India's SE coastMaldivesArchipelago country off of India's SW coast, smallest country in Asia

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