Psychology of Personality CH 1

Which subfield of psychology has the greatest overlap with personality psychology?
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Personality psychology and clinical psychology overlap most often when approaching which topic?personality disordersThe trait approach, the behaviorist approach, and the psychoanalytic approach ________.address different sets of questions about human psychologyWhat is one of personality psychology's biggest advantages over other areas of psychology?It has a mission to account for the psychology of whole persons.What is a primary goal of the psychoanalytic approach to personality?understanding mental conflictWhich of the following is NOT part of the psychological triad?psychological healthWhat is a primary goal of the biological approach to personality?understanding the heritability of behavior and personalityThe personality paradigm that focuses on rewards and punishments is known as the ________ paradigm.behaviorist________ theories of personality apply the insights and methods derived from the study of perception, memory, and thought to the study of personality.CognitivePersonality psychology shares with clinical psychology________.A common obligation to try to understand the whole personThe purpose of a basic approach (or paradigm) is to ________.limit inquiry to certain kinds of observations and patternsIs narcissism always a bad trait to have?No, narcissists are persuasive, but they also act unethically.According to Funder, in what way do personality psychologists appreciate individual differences?Because they assess people, they appreciate rich individual differences.According to the text, personality's greatest strength, understanding whole persons, is also its greatest weakness. Which term describes this fundamental observation?Funder's First LawThe task of an employer who attempts to identify dependable, conscientious, and hard-working job applicants is similar to the task of the ________ psychologist, who attempts to identify and assess individual differences.traitWhich subfield of psychology uses personality psychology to understand vocational interests and occupational success and leadershiporganizational psychologyAdvocates of any particular basic approach to personality historically______.claimed that their approach explains everything worth explainingIn observing human behavior, it is impossible tounderstand everything about a person all at onceThe phenomenological approach leads to which two directions of researchhumanistic and cross-cultural perspectives on personalityPersonality psychologists adhering to the _________ approach to try to understand people by way of psychic energy, the workings of the unconscious mind, and the nature and resolution of internal mental conflictpsychoanalyticWhat is the focal topic of the trait approach to personalitymeasuring and conceptualizing individual differencesWhat is the focal topic of the biological approach to personalityunderstanding the heritability of behavior and personalityWhat is the focal topic of the psychoanalytic approach to personalityunderstanding mental conflictsWhat is the focal topic of the phenomenological approach to personalitydiscovering how conscious awareness produces uniquely human characteristicsWhat is the focal topic of the learning and cognitive approaches to personalityapplying principles of behaviorism and social observationJeff suspects that his roommate's sexist jokes may indicate that his roommate has some hidden, unconscious hostility toward women or that he feels very insecure around women. Jeff's analysis suggests a ________ approach to personality.psychoanalyticWhich of the following is NOT one of the basic approaches to personality a) psychoanalytic b) learning c) assessment d) phenomenologicalassessmentA major advantage of personality psychology is that it focuses on the whole person and real-life concerns, yet this can often lead to overinclusive and unfocused research. Which of the following is a major theme of your textbook that speaks to this conflict?great strengths are usually great weaknessesWhat is a major advantage of using a basic approach to study personality psychologyIt is a systematic way to study specific patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviorsWhich of the following is an expression of Funder's First Lawcharacteristics that are strengths in one sense are weaknesses in other waysFunder writes that there are good reasons why personality psychologists have distinct theories versus One Big Theory. Which is NOT one of those reasons? a) one big theory would undermine the smaller theories b) there is a trade-off between breadth and depth in theories c) there is, for now, no accepted one big theory d) each theory offers a different perspective on personalityone big theory would undermine the smaller theoriespersonality psychology emphasizes how people are _______, whereas subfields such as cognitive and social psychology emphasize how people are ________.different from each other; similar to each otherpigeonholing someonecategorizing and labelingwhat is the largest and most dominant approach in personality psychology today?traitone reason why behaviorism is so effective at changing behavior is that it ignores the possibility offree willWhat does Funder mean when he says that personality is coherent?each aspect of one's personality depend on the other parts