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ch 26 safety, security, and emergency preparedness

stoppage of breathing or the lack of air reaching the lungs; synonym for suffocation
the deliberate spread of pathogenic organisms into a community to cause widespread illness, fear, and panic
chemical terrorism
the deliberate release of a chemical compound that has the potential for harming people's health
an emergency event of greater magnitude that requires the response of people outside the involved community
conducting connection between a source of electricity and the earth
intimate partner violence (IPV)
domestic violence or battering between two people in a close relationship
nuclear terrorism
intentional dispersal of radioactive materials into the environment for the purpose of causing injury and death
poison control center
agency that handles poison exposure and provides poison prevention teaching to the general population
device used to limit movement or immobilize a client
safety event report
documentation describing any injury or potential for injury suffered by a patient in a healthcare agency
sentinel event
an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof