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Do Public hot spots protect your transmissions?
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Who creates a rogue access point on campus?faculty staff studentsEvil twin access points and rogue access points are different because evil twins try to read transmissions as a man-in-the-middleTrueHow can Tailwind Traders enforce having only certain applications run on its VMs?Create an application control rule in Azure Security Center.Which of the following statements is true about an Azure subscription?An Azure subscription is a logical unit of Azure servicesYour billing is based on your usage of Azure resources and is invoicedMonthlyWhen you create an Azure resource like a virtual machine, you select the ______________ it belongs to.Azure subscriptionWhich Azure support plan is best for business-critical workloads?Azure Professional DirectIf you delete a user account by mistake, can it be restored?The user account can be restored, but only if it was deleted within the last 30 days.What kind of account would you create to allow an external organization easy access?A guest user account for each member of the external team.An Azure subscription is a _______________.monthly charge for Azure servicesWhich of the following best describes the relationship between a subscription and an Azure AD directory?An Azure AD directory can be associated with multiple subscriptions, but a subscription is always tied to a single directory.An organization can have more than one Azure AD directory.TrueWhat information does an Action provide in a role definition?An Action provides the allowed management capabilities for the role.Which of the following sets the scope of a role to be the resource group myResourceGroup?/subscriptions/{ef67bd4f-d0f2-4845-b6dd-6cba225b4f10}/resourceGroups/myResourceGroupHow are NotActions used in a role definition?NotActions are consulted after Actions to deny access to a specific operation.How did the attackers initially gain access to Target's network?A phishing campaign directed at a contractorList the internal Target servers the attackers compromised.Vendor server Update server Extrusion serverWere banks and credit card bureaus damaged by the breach?No, they won't pay the retailer, and they will get reimbursed for replacing cardsSecurity thinking focuses on software bugs and mechanical breakdowns. In contrast, network thinking must anticipate the actions of intelligent adversaries who will try many things to succeed and adapt to the defenses you put in place.TrueWhat name do we give to attacks that occur before a patch is available?zero-dayWhat kind of attack may succeed against a system with no technological vulnerabilities?Social engineering attacksWhat is the goal of social engineering?Trick uses into taking actions that compromise their securityPhishing vs. Spear Phishing AttacksPhishing attacks pretends to be from a company the user does business with or from another seemingly trustworthy source. However, it is really an attacker. Spear phishing attacks are when the attacker personalizes the email message to a particular person.Viruses vs. WormsViruses attach themselves to a legitimate program and if the victim runs the program, the virus will spread to other programs on the computer. Worms are full programsTrojan horses disguises itself as a legitimate file. It must be placed there by another piece of malware, by a human hacker, or by a user downloading the program voluntarily.TrueTrojan horses cannot propagate on its own. It must be placed there by another piece of malware, by a human hacker, or by a user downloading the program voluntarily.TrueRansomware encrypts files, forcing you to pay ransom to be able to read them.TrueWhat is spyware?Spyware can steal information from your computer and send it to attackers.Hacking is intentionally using a computer resource without authorization or in excess of authorization.TrueWhat is a collection of compromised computers called?BotnetAPTs were mounted by national governments only in the past, but now criminal groups can now launch them.Truecipherencryption algorithms, are systems for encrypting and decrypting data. A cipher converts the original message, called plaintext, into ciphertext using a key to determine how it is done.eavesdropperused by cyberattackers to intercept communication and steal sensitive data in transit.senderThe party that sends secret keying material to the receiver using a key-transport transaction.You discover that you can get into other e-mail acco