Flies Exam

Flies have two pairs of functional wings?
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House flies prefer animal waste, garbage and other decaying matter?trueWhich flies prefer animal carcasses?green & blue bottleWith modern fly control products, sanitation is no longer as important as it used to be?falseDoor and window screens are effective fly control measures?trueDrain flies, fungus gnats and phorid flies breed in damp organic matter?truePhorid flies may be found in which of the following places?around plumbing, drains, trash areas, crawl spaces & basementsProper identification is essential before you do any treatments?trueWhich type of fly is likely to be found in a yard that has a lot of dog droppings?green, house flies, blue bottleElectrically charged screens and fly traps can be used to control adult flies?trueCluster flies breed in earthworms and there is no practical control for their breeding source?true