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directs cells activities


is inside of the nucleus

Cell Membrane

controls which substances move into and out of the cell

Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

moves materials around the cell.


produce proteins


Cleans the cell.

Golgi Apparatus

packages and distributes materials from the ER.


releases energy from food during cellular repiration


occurs when molecules move from an area of higher concentration of molecules to lower concentration of molecules.

cell divsion

the process in which one cell splits into two new cells that are genetically identical.

cell wall

a rigid layer that surrounds the cells of plants. Animal cells do not have a ____ ____.


carry out specific functions within a cell.


the cell consists of a thick water like fluid that moves constantly.


makes food for cell during photosynthesis

Organ System

a group of organs that work together and perform 1 or more major functions


stores water, food, or other materials needed by the cell

cell cycle

regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo


the first stage of the cell cycle


the cell makes an exact copy of the DNA in its nucleus


Within the nucleus, DNA & proteins form threadlike structures which is ___________.


second stage of the cell cycle; the cell's nucleus divides into 2 new nuclei & 1 set of DNA goes into each daughter cell


the final stage of the cell cycle; it completes the process of cell division.

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