Ectoparisites Exam

Fleas prefer non-human host but will feed on humans if no other host is available?
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Most mosquito problems are managed by pest control companies?falseFlea larvae feed on human blood?falseThe cat flea is the most common species we deal with?trueWhen controlling ticks, exterior chemical treatments should be performed up to several feet above the ground?trueAn IGR should be added to your tank mix to keep flea eggs from developing into adults?trueAfter vacuuming, the vacuum should be emptied into an open trash container outside?falseBed bugs can survive up to six months without a blood meal?falseBed bugs have a complete metamorphosis?falseHomeowners can do their part to control mosquitoes by doing which of the following?eliminate sources of moisture, such as old tires, buckets and clogged rain gutters, maintain swimming pools, spas and bird baths, install door and window screens to keep these pests out, cut back vegetation where mosquitoes restBed bugs are fairly easy to control with one service?falseFleas do not like direct sunlight and by cutting down grass and weeds outside, that will reduce their harborage?truePest control technicians should always apply pesticides on animals to control fleas & ticks?falseFleas prefer 70-85 degree temperatures and 70% relative humidity?trueFemale mosquitoes have piercing-sucking mouthparts?trueWhere do bed bugs prefer to live?near the host & dark areasK-9 inspections may be required to inspect heavy infestations of bed bugs?falseBrown dog ticks are vectors of Lyme disease, relapsing fever, rocky mountain spotted fever and tularemia?falseBox spring and mattress encasements are a must for controlling bed bugs?trueRadios, televisions or appliances can become infested with bed bugs and should be sprayed?falseFumigation with sulfuryl fluoride is the only method that will guarantee complete elimination of all bed bugs and their eggs?true