Spiders Exam

Spiders are a member of which family?
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A brown recluse has a violin shape on top of their cephalothorax?trueBlack widow spider's webs are nicely woven into even and regular patterns?falseMale black widow spider will attack prey?falseDaddy long leg spiders are usually found outside?falseKnocking down spider webs is a good way to help control spiders?trueIf bitten by a black widow spider, you may have body aches, headaches, high blood pressure and nausea?trueAdult male and female, as well as immature spiderlings of the specie brown recluse are capable of injecting venom which can be painful and dangerous?trueTo help control spiders, you should apply a residual dust in the attic and subarea?trueA brown widow egg sac main contain how many eggs?80A black widow spider may produce 4-9 egg sacs in a summer?true