Dooryard Pests Exam

Mites are not insects and they belong to the same order of arthropods as ticks?
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Mites, which cause scabies, are a medical problem and you should consult a doctor?trueChiggers will burrow into the skin of humans so they can suck up blood?falseOnly adult female crickets make the chirping sound?falseCentipedes have 2 pairs of legs per body segment?falseMillipedes feed on damp and decaying vegetable matter as well as new roots and green leaves?trueHouse crickets may attack which of the following?insects, paper, ornamental plants, cotton, silk, wool, bread crumbsClover mites can invade homes in large numbers but don't bite humans?trueField crickets normally live outdoors/trueTo control springtails, pillbugs, sowbugs and earwigs, you should start by controlling moisture?trueHouse crickets, field crickets and Jerusalem crickets all like living in cracks & crevices?false