Rodents Exam

Roof rats have a head & body that is 6-8 inches long and the tail measures at about 7-10 inches?
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A house mouse may have 8 litters per year with 4-7 young per litter?trueWhich of the following rodents is likely to be found in underground burrows?norway ratNorway rats may have 4-7 litters per year with 4-6 young per litter?falseMice are omnivorous and will eat almost anything?trueRoof rats will have about 6-8 litters per year with 4-8 young per litter?falseDeer mice, harvest mice and pocket mice may invade homes located near fields?trueHouse mice are very adaptable, need very little space and may never leave the house?trueNorway rats prefer to eat which of the following?fish, meat, grainsWhich of the following is most likely to nest in trees & vines?roof ratRoof rats need about 1/2 to 1 ounce of food and water per day?trueWhat are the ten rodent signs you should see, smell or listen for during a rodent inspection?droppings, tracks, gnawing damage, burrows, runways, grease marks, urine stains, live or dead rodents, rodent sounds, rodent odorsWhen rodent proofing for mice, any opening greater than _____inch should be filled.1/4th inchSteel wool is an excellent material for sealing rodent holes?falseMultiple catch traps work very well for trapping roof rats?falseMice don't travel far, so mouse traps should be installed how far apart for a small infestation?10 feetWhen rodent proofing for rats, any opening greater than ___ inch should be filled.1/2 inchTrees should be cut back at least ___ feet away from the structure.4 feetRodents have very poor eye sight and they follow walls or surfaces with their vibrissae?trueExpanding foam is easy to use and works great for rodent proofing?falseGlue boards work well for trapping rats in attics?falseAnticoaglulant baits will kill rats and mice instantly?falseStrychnine and zinc phosphide are single dose (acute) poisons?trueCompound 1080 is highly toxic and commonly used to treat for rodent infestations in homes?falseThe antidote for an anticoagulant is which of the following?vitamin kRodent bait stations must be secured in which of the following manners?chained, staked, attached glued downRodent baits are recommended to be used on the insides of structures to control rodents?false1/4th inch wire mesh and sheet metal are excellent materials for rodent proofing?trueA "doggy" door may allow rodent to enter a structure?trueThe best kind of bait to use on traps is which of the following?what the rodents are currently eatingNew snap traps are better for trapping rodents than old or used traps?false