Worrd Ranch Liquors and garnishes

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WR Margarita garnish, and drink count
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ginGilbeysRumBacardiScotchDewarsTequilaEl JimadorVodkaGilbeysmy goalensure and promote guests needs first3 ways to enssure guest happinessgreet guests within a minute, take them into consideration, always remain available to assist in guests questions5 responsiblitiesengagement, speed, accuracy, cleanliness, and safetyresponsibility of engagementwhen we greet guests we do so prmptly and warm, and creating an environment they want to come back to.famous shredded onionsjumbo sweet oinuins thinly slices, coated in lightly seasoned flour mixture and deep fired, super light not greasy.bbq choppedmixed greens, corn tortilla strips, black beans, ranch, cilantro, grilled corn, Monterey Jack cheese, original bbq sauce, scallions, carrots, grape tomatoestri tip 2.0romaine and baby mixed lettuce, gorgonzola crumbles, Tahitian tomato dressing, mint, red shaved onion, mint julep dressing, cabbage, charred cherry tomatoes.