Public concerts usually attracted what kind of audience?
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"Is there an artist of the present day untaught by the to think, as well as play?" Bernie's poem refers to what aspects of Haydn's musical style?Ability to write sophisticated music but also be witty and humorousThe string quartet is often compared to aConversation among friends18th century philosophers argued that the sublime in music producesAwe and astonishmentThe third movements of Mozart's piano concertosThe third movements of Mozart's piano concertosFrequently use rondo formBeethoven initially attracted favorable audience attention through hisPiano performancesMuzio clementi and John dussek werePiano composers whose novel textures and techniques influenced BeethovenBetween the 1770s and the 1850s, their production of pianos as well as the publication of musical compositions increased by approximately ________ percent10,000 %How is the passage below meant to be executed?A pianist divides the arpeggiations between both hands while using alternately. Free right and left hands to play the melody aboveThe composer whose legacy most broadly influenced musical developments during the 19th century wasBeethovenA comparison of Berlioz's music with Mendelssohn's would yield the conclusion thatMendelssohn, unlike Berlioz's, composed frequently and fluently for pianoThe Early chamber works of Schubert and Mendelssohn were modeled onThe chamber music of Haydn and MozartAll of the following Italian operas were written specifically for performance in Paris exceptLucia di LammermoorThe crucial difference between the repertoires of the Paris Opera and that city's opera comique was thatSpoken dialogue was permitted in works performed at the Opera - Comique but not in work's performed at the Paris OperaBoth Lucia di Lammermoor and Der FreischutzUse reminiscence motivesThe composer most responsible for establishing the conventions of grand opera wasGiacomo MeyerbeerThe Wolf's Glen scene from der freishutz has a musical design that featuresA referential harmony whose pitches are represented by important key areas throughout the sceneContrasting diatonic and chromatic musical idioms in Wagner laid the foundation for their prominent use to symbolizeContrast of reality and fantasyThe plot of la traviata is a good example of mid-19th centuryRealismUnder a broader definition of arismo operas that reacted against romantic idealism and turned away from reliance on conventions include all of the following operas exceptTristan Und IsoldeThe aesthetic differences between the new German school and the adherence of absolute music lay fundamentally in their differentInterpretations of the implications of Beethoven's mature worksHans von Bulow was theFirst husband of Wagner's second wifeThe proponents of the new German school in those of absolute music both believed thatTheir aesthetic positions were based on the proper understanding of Beethoven's musicThe debate between advocates of program music and absolute music emerged in print during the1850sThe first movement of Tchaikovsky's 4th symphonyProgresses through keys that lie a minor third apartViktor Hartmann's work inspired the composition ofMusorgsky's Pictures at an ExhibitionNationalist compositions like musorgskys pictures at an exhibition and Dvorak's Slavonic dances were roughly contemporary withPerformances by the Fisk jubilee singersEdward Elgar wasSelf-taught as a composerThe entry of the United States into world war I helped bring about the defeat ofGermany and Austria-HungaryEmile Berliner wasThe inventor of the flat phonograph discPhonograph disc technology advanced in 1948 whendiscs were designed that could contain almost six times as much music as earlier onesVernacular musical traditions are most prominent in 20th century music. Historiography than in historiography of other periods mainly becauseThere are recordings of 20th century vernacular musicWill Marion cook was an important figure in the early history ofBroadway musicalsWhich of the following is a good example of how modernist composers stretched the classical meaning of symphony?Das lied von der erdeWhy was so much of von Williams music written in a familiar melodic and tonal idiomHe worked closely with amateur singers and instrumentalistsWhich of the following observations explains a crucial difference between the nationalist compositions of Vaughn Williams and those of Sibelius?Sibelius's early works express the ongoing political struggle for his nations independence, while Vaughn Williams works represented a nation that had long been free and independentAct three of Berg's Wozzek is organized as aSeries of inventions, each focus on a different musical elementAlban Berg's violin concerto famously sites a phrase fromJ.S. Bach's Chorale Es Ist GenugKlangfarbenmelodie isThe coordination of changes in pitch with changes of tone colorGlinka's and Rimsky-Korsakov's influence on Stravinsky is seen most clearly in Stravinsky'sOrchestration and use of octatonic scalesThe example below demonstrates the use ofA pentatonic pitch collection in a polytonal contextWhy did Jean-Jacques Rousseau praise Italian composers emphasis on Melody?He believed that Melody aroused sentiments in the soul.