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  1. Community
  2. Tundras
  3. Commensalism
  4. Humus
  5. Taiga
  1. a All the populations living in an area make up a ___________.
  2. b ___________ is a cool forest of cone-bearing evergreen trees.
  3. c Earth's biomes include, taigas, _________, deserts, grasslands, rain forests, and deciduous forests.
  4. d A material in soil formed by the breakdown of plant and animal remains.
  5. e When one organism benefits but does not harm the other, the relationship is called ______________ (one is happy, and the other doesn't care).

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  1. The study of organisms and how they interact in an ecosystem.
  2. About three fourths of all fish caught in the U.S. each year spent part of their lives in ____________.
  3. ______________ is the average weather pattern of a region over time.
  4. Each species has a different _________, or role in the community.
  5. __________ are areas in which water is near the surface of the soil most of the time.

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  1. EcosystemsThe living things in an area are parts of special systems called ___________.


  2. PopulationAn attempt by organisms to obtain a resource that is available in limited supply.


  3. Biotic PotentialAny living thing that is a part of an ecosystem is a __________.


  4. Deciduous___________ means "tending to fall off during a particular season."


  5. Parasitism________________ is a relationship in which an organism of one species benefits at the expense of another organism of another species (one is happy and one is sad).


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