National Board Review 7 (Restorative Arts)

The most common frontal view head shape is
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Which of the following is NOT a method of replicating pores? a. lintless gauze b. coarse- textured paper hand towel c. moist ligature stipplingc. moist ligatureWhich of the following are types of knots used for the necktie of the deceased when laid out in the casket? 1- full Windsor 2- bolo 3- half Windsor 4- four-in-hand1, 3 & 4.Which of these areas of the face is considered to be the most intense warm color area?the cheeksDimethyl ketoneacetoneThe horizontal, horse- shoe shaped portion of the mandible is known as thebodyDraws the corners of the mouth posteriorly.RisoriusThe bones creating the inferior portion of the sides of the head are thetemporal bonesPigmentary hues are measured in terms of their value, intensity, andhueCosmetizing an abrasion before waxingCovers the darkened abrasionThe superior border of the ear lies on the same transverse plane as theeyebrowWhich of the following is NOT a recommended method of attachment and support for a restored nose? a. a wire screen armature b. the basket weave suture c. cotton and liquid sealer d. the loop stitchd. the loop stitchThe distance from the eyebrow to the base of the chin is equal to the distance from the normal hairline to thebase of the noseThe most common form of the philtrum isparenthesis- shapedThe small bony eminence at the median line of the chin is known as themental eminenceThe protruding ridge of the nose that extends from the root of the nose to the protruding lobe is thedorsumIn abrasion, the dark brown surface is usually caused byexposure of the dermis to airTo reduce swollen eyesapply heat from the electric spatulaElevates and protrudes the lower lip. It also wrinkles the skin over the chin.MentalisThe lips meet each otherone- half the distance from the base of the nose to the superior border of the chinAdherents to which of the following denominations would have no restrictions on the clothing worn by the deceased when laid out in the casket?Methodist Presbyterian Lutheran (All of these)Protruding eyes are generally an indication ofpressure of gas build-up in the cranial cavityThe leptorrhine nasal index is characteristic ofCaucasiansLigature is suggested for the creation offurrowsWhen added to a restorative wax, which of the following would NOT convert the consistency of the wax to a softer state?starchIn a cold environment, which wax is suggested for minor integumentary restorations?surface restorer waxIn regard to colored light being transmitted through a filter, the degree of brilliance is called:intensityThere is a standard or norm against which an embalmer can compare the deceased. It was created by the ancient Greeks and a rule of judgement used to determine beauty. This _________________ set a standard for the proportions of facial features.Canon of BeautyThe incisive fossa is a depression associated with themandible and maxillaThe horizontal furrows of the forehead aretransverse frontal sulciSometimes called the Triangularis this facial muscle depresses the angle of the mouth.Depressor anguli orisWhich bony structure divides the length of the ear into halves?the zygomatic archBadly lacerated eyelids can be effectively restored byexcision and rebuilding with resorative waxUn-embalmed bodies are more difficult to casket because of:loose, floppy limbsSkin slip is the result ofputrefactionRotates and depresses the head.sternocleidomastoidHow many profile variations are created when the basic linear profile classifications are combined?6Which muscle draws the upper lip both superiorly and anteriorly?Zygomaticus minorWhat furrow is found at the lower border of the lower eyelid?the inferior palpebral sulcusWith the lower end of a dowel attached to the torso in a decapitation case, the upper end is inserted into theforamen magnumThe widest part of the neck is measured by a straight line extending between the midpoints of the bellies of the two ________________________ muscles.SternocleidomastoidA curved margin of tissue having greater projection than an adjacent surface is described by the term:foldA primary reason for applying massage cream to an exposed area isinhibit dehydrationWhich of the following hair restorations methods is best for areas which are not visible?suturingThe effect of putting a white or very light cosmetic on the ears would make the face look:widerWhich of the following hair restorations methods is best for restoration of stray or straggler hairs?embeddingWhich of the following can be used to sear deep tissues?phenolThe slit formed by contact of the free margins of the mucous membranes of the lips is called the ___.the line of closureThe least common geometric form of head shape from the frontal aspects istrainglarA forehead that protrudes while the upper lip and chin form a vertical line classify this facial profile as:concave-verticalThe proper cosmetic application to compensate for a nose which is too wide:lighten the bridge; darken the sidesThis muscle, especially in the elderly, may atrophy and dehydrate, causing it to shrink and require tissue building.TemporalisThe head shape from the frontal view that is usually broad, possesses little curvature, and whose vertical measurement equals its transverse measurement is recognized assquareWhere is the base of the nose found when measured from the normal hairline to the base of the chin?two- thirdsIn a "reverse hinge" casket, the body is viewed from:the left sideThe buccal depression is found in thecheekThe study of the face and its features is called:physiognomyCloses the lips. Compresses lips against teeth. Shapes lips during speech.Orbicularis orisNatural Facial Markings consist of the _______ markings present at birth.9Which of the following is NOT a recommended method of attachment and support for a restored ear? a. cotton and liquid sealer b. the intradermal stitch c. the basket weave suture d. a bent wire armaturea. cotton and liquid sealerThe crus of the helix divides the ear's length intohalvesThe most common facial profile isconvexRaises the upper lip and dilates the nostrils.Levator labii superioris alaeque nasiWhen measured from the normal hairline to the base of the chin, what is the location of the superior border of the chin?eight-ninthsThe deceased adherents to the Mennonite religious tradition, are dressed in ___________ clothing by family member of the same sex.whiteDraws the upper lip posteriorly, superiorly, and laterally as in smiling or laughing.Zygomaticus majorElevates and extends the upper lip.Levator labii superiorisThe helix and antihelix of the ear are separated by a long shallow depression known as thescaphaWhich of the following is a depression above the medial portion of the superior palpebra?the naso-orbital fossaA vertical forehead and a chin that recedes from the projection of the upper lip characterize a facial profile asbalanced-convexIf the cheeks do not appear prominent enough which of the following procedures would work best to make them appear more prominent?Lighten the lateral areas and darken the medial areas of the faceThe oval-shaped depression located directly anterior to the ear passage is known as themandibular fossaThe opening found between the tragus and the antitragus is known as the:intertragic notchThe thinnest density of hair in the supercilium is located in thetailThe acquired facial markings located between the eyebrows are known asinterciliary sulciPlaster of Paris will set quickly if mixed withwarm salt waterAntemortem and/or postmortem injuries from friction of the skin against a firm object resulting in the removal of the epidermis to a viewable area of the body should be treated in which of the following ways: 1. Before embalming, the area should be covered with massage cream, but not directly to the affected area. 2. Before embalming, the affected area should be covered with massage cream. 3. Scabs should be removed prior to embalming. 4. Scabs should be removed post embalming 5. The area should be dried using a cauterizing agent and cotton. 6. The area should be sealed with a sealer. 7. After drying and sealing, the area can be repaired using a wax or mastic and cosmetics applied as needed.1, 4, 5, 6, 7 onlyA color scheme utilizing two or more hues that have the same hue in common is identified asanalogousThe three primary hues and the three secondary hues in pigment are known as thestandard huesWhich of the following hair restorations methods is best for long, dense hair or more extensive restorations?Cement (glue)Which of the following is a convex area located between the attached margin of the upper eyelid and the supraorbital margin?the supraorbital areaThe complement of a secondary hue isthe primary hue NOT included in that secondary hueA quality restorative wax shouldnot be adversely affected by the presence of embalming chemicalsWhich cosmetic color should be used to make a tint of an applied complexion colorant?whiteTwo pigmentary hues are said to be complementary if their mixture in equal quantities will produce:grayThe original scientific standard of color is thespectrumIn the most common facial profile, theforehead and chin recede from a vertical lineA sunken supraorbital area can be restored to natural form and projection by the injection of tissue builder through which of the following points of entry? a. the marginal hairline of the temple b. the inner canthus of the eye c. the lateral end of the line of mouth d. several punctures in the eyebrowd. several punctures in the eyebrowThis facial muscle depresses the lower lip inferiorly and slightly lateral. Sometimes referred to as the Quadratus.Depressor labii inferiorisDimples can be identified in form as both round andverticalWhich of the following is NOT characteristics of the growth of cilia? a. there are none at the extreme ends of the eyelids b. irregular spacing c. they are smaller in diameter than cranial hair d. irregular lengthc. they are smaller in diameter than cranial hairWhen applying cosmetics to the face and hands of the deceased it is always best to:work from light toward dark.Which of the following is a large, rounded protuberance found posterior and inferior to the mass of the ear?mastoid processFollowing the removal of loose skin and hypodermic injection, an area of skin slip should bedried with a cavity fluid compressA broad head shape noted for its lack of curvature is recognized asstrongWhen applying cosmetics to the deceased for viewing, it is always better to work from ___________ toward ___________.light - dark.The most superior portion of the skull is called the ____.crownWrinkled eyelids caused by reduction of swelling can be treated bywaxingThis region of the of the temporal bone is the origin of the temporalis muscle.temporal fossaOf the following bones of the head, which is not considered significant for the purposes of restorative art? a. Temporal b. Sphenoid c. Frontal d. Occipitalb. SphenoidWhen a wood or metal dowel is used to join a decapitated head to a torso, the dowel is usually attached to the torso byforcing into, or wiring to the vertebral columnBreaking up white light into many colors is calleddispersionAbrasions sometimes result in the formation of scabs. When scabs are present on viewable areas of a body, the embalmer should remove the scabs after embalming. One way to aid the embalmer in removing scabs is to use ____________.AcetoneThe brightness or dullness of a hue is itsintensityAncient sects of which of the following religions may still place a "gold" coin in the mouth of the deceased when earth burial has been chosen as a mean of disposition?BuddhistIn treating a sunken temporal region, tissue builder is best injected through which of the following points of entry?behind the top of the earHow many standard pigmentary hues can be found on the outermost ring of the Prang Color Wheel?sixThe primary characteristic of a third degree burn ischarringThe largest singular bone of the face is themandibleTissue to be restored with wax must be firm and dry becausewax will not easily adhere to moist surfacesWhich of the following is a natural facial marking? a. the inferior palpebral sulcus b. the superior palpebral sulcus c. the oblique palpebral sulcus d. the mandibular sulcusthe oblique palpebral sulcusThe bony structures that create the widest part of the face are thezygomatic archThe need for a cosmetic undercoat in burn cases depends on thedarkness of the discolorationThe lightness or darkness of a hue is referred to as its:valueDraws the hyoid bone superiorly.digastricWrinkles the skin of the neck and chest. Also depresses the mandible and anguli oris, as in pouting.platysmaThe firmest wax proposed for feature restoration and the deep filling of large cavities is known aswound filler waxThe measurement of the extension of a part beyond its surroundings refers toprojectionThe furrows of the neck which are mainly transverse except the medial portion which sag inferiorly are called the ___.platysmal sulciWhich of the following additives will make a restorative wax more firm than it is in the container?corn starchWhich anatomical structure can be used to determine the proper angle of a restored ear?the posterior margin of the ramusUnsound tissue in the area of malignant tumor should beexcisedThe distance from the eyebrow to the base of the nose is equal distance from thehairline to the eyebrowWhen the body is properly positioned in the casket, the dorsum of the nose is ___.almost level showing little or no slope.Which of the following methods works best for short hair and hair line restorations?waxWhich of the following is NOT a sealing agent? a. collodion b. rubbing alcohol c. clear nail polish d. rubber cementb. rubbing alcoholWhich of the following is NOT a dehydrating agent? a. sodium hypochlorite b. phenol c. plaster of paris d. hardening compounda. sodium hypochloriteA small triangular area found between the posterior margin of the nasal wing and the superior portion of the nasolabial fold is thenasal sulcusWhat facial marking creates fullness in the anterior cheek?the nasolabial foldThe physical appearance of one's face is affected in part by what are known as facial markings. These include wrinkles, depressions, and projections that help give each of us an individual look. There are many factors responsible for facial markings including: Age, Environment, Muscle striation, Position of the body, condition of the body, and ___________.HeredityThe most inferior part of the nose is known as thecolumna nasiDraws the skin of the forehead superiorly, causing transverse and vertical wrinkles in the forehead.OccipitofrontalisLemon juice or a 10% solution of sodium thiosulfate can be used to effectively remove the stain caused bynicotineWhich of the following is a muscle of the nose?ProcerusThe degree of brightness, lightness or darkness of a color (the "value" of the color)?Both vividity and brillianceIt is comprised of two planes - the vertical plane making up the forehead and the horizontal plane making up the superior part of the cranium.frontal boneIf two parts of blue pigment are mixed with one part of red pigment, the resulting color is:a tertiary hue Intermediate colors are the result of an even mix of two primary colors. This is an imbalance where there is twice as much of one color than the other.Which of the following are bony eminences found directly superior to the medial portion of the eyebrows?superciliary archesThe scroll- like bones found in the nasal cavity are known as theinferior nasal conchaeThe mixture of a small amount of a cool hue with a large amount of a warm hue creates atertiary hue