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Computer Text Vocabulary


Using software to smooth jagged edges of a font or graphic


Arrangement of dots to represent a graphic image, such as an individual letter.


Spacing between a specific pair of text characters.


Title of a newspaper, periodical, or Web site, as it appears across the front cover
of an issue or across the home page of a site.


Using the same width for all characters in a font.


Scalable font technology developed by Adobe and Microsoft that extends
TrueType technology by allowing for larger character sets and more typographic control.


Adobe technology for scalable fonts that uses a small program to generate each
character and other small programs to compute common parts of the characters in a given

Proportional spacing

Use of different widths for different characters in a font.

Sans serif

Without serifs; a type of font that uses straight edges and lines, such as Arial.

Scalable font

Digital font with character definitions that include the shapes of characters but
not their sizes, so they can be scaled to different sizes.


Small decorative lines or curves on the ends of characters in some fonts, such as Times
New Roman.


Amount of space that separates characters in text.


Font technology for scalable fonts developed by Apple computer that is the
dominant font technology for PCs.


Design and manipulation of fonts


Words or symbols intended to be only faintly visible behind text.

White space

Blank or empty space that separates blocks of text from each other and from
other elements in a document or display

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