BZ 100 ch 32

Initially, it was believed that the domestication of dogs happened about _________ years ago. Now, molecular evidence suggests it may have been _______ years ago.
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Tunicates and lancelets are the only chordates that lackvertebrae.The pharyngeal pouches of amphibian larvae and fish become functioninggillsThe chordate feature indicated by the letter A is thenotochprdWhich of the following are examples of vertebrates?mammals amphibians fishThe first group of fish to evolve jaws was thecartilaginous fishes.Select the nonvertebrate chordates from the list below.tunicates lanceletsWhich two features of chordates are seen only during embryological development in most vertebrates?notochord pharyngeal pouchesSelect the groups of vertebrates from the list.mammals birds reptilesNonvertebrate chordates are characterized by the fact that their _ never develops into a vertebral column.notochordSelect characteristics of lancelets (phylum Cephalochordata).filter-feeding segmentation marineTunicates and lancelets are the only chordates that lackWhat two characteristics of sea squirt larvae allow them to be classified as chordates?larval stage has the four chordate characteristics larval stage is bilaterally symmetricalA chordate in which the notochord is later replaced by a vertebral column is a(n)vertebrateIn what way does the vertebral column give evidence of segmentation in vertebrates?Individual vertebrae are segments, lined up adjacent to each other.Based on the hypothesis that a larva with four chordate characteristics may have become sexually mature, which group is suggested to be a direct relative of vertebratessea squirtsIn vertebrates the embryonic _ is replaced by the vertebral column.notochordDue to the similar construction of the numerous bones that comprise it, the backbone, or _ of the vertebrate skeleton provides the best evidence of segmentation in this animal group.Blank 1: vertebral Blank 2: columnWhat are three functions of the vertebrate skeleton?serves as a point of attachment for muscles aids in rapid and efficient movement protects internal organsSome biologists suggest that fishlike vertebrates may have evolved from the larval form of a(n)tunicateSelect the characteristics of the vertebrate body.two pairs of appendages skull surrounding the brain cephalization segmentationSelect the features that pertain to all vertebrates in addition to the chordate characteristics.vertebral column internal organs skull endoskeletonSince the blood is completely contained within blood vessels of vertebrates, they are said to have _ circulatory systems.closedIdentify the vertebrates that lay shelled eggs.all birds many reptiles a few mammalsWhich description is most suitable for the vertebrate body cavity?large coelomThe very first vertebrates were _ fishesjawlessOf the vertebrates, many reptiles and some mammals lay eggs that have a(n)shellsSelect the examples of living jawless fishes.lampreys hagfishesSelect the cartilaginous fishes.shark, raySelect all of the types of sensory information that sharks use to detect their prey.Smell Lateral line detection of pressure changes Detection of electrical currentsDuring the process of evolution in fish, jaws developed from the first pair of _ archesgillRay-finned fishes have paired fins that are supported by _ raysboneWhat three senses do sharks primarily use to detect their prey?electrical current sensing sense of smell a lateral line systemSelect all of the characteristics of amphibians from the list below.eyelids for keeping their eyes moist tympanum for picking up sounds usually have four limbs a voice-producing larynxSelect the examples of amphibians.toads salamanders frogs caeciliansSelect reasons why amphibians are more likely to suffer as a result of environmental damage to their habitats.They require both land and water environments. They have permeable skin.The evolution of the _ egg allowed reproduction to take place on land.amnioticSelect the adaptations related to flight in birds.sternum with a keel lungs with air sacs forelimbs modified as wingsIdentify which things migrating birds use to navigate.the stars the sun Earth's magnetic fieldSelect the adaptations related to flight in birds.sternum with a keel lungs with air sacs forelimbs modified as wingsthere are more_ mammals than any other type of mammalplacentalSelect the two choices that are most important in the classification of placental they move what they eatSelect the characteristics of all primates.hands and feet with five digits more complex brain stereoscopic vision