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what flatware with splitting the following items, 4 people for chopped salad
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when delivering food to a table they inform you their signature side was wrong what do you doapoligize, and leave the incorrect side, and grab the correct sidea guest pays their bill with a gift card and they ask to have their change returned in cash under 8 dollarsof course I will be right back, and grab a manager ti assistlist 3 ways to ensure quality guest experiencerelationship with them, quality checks, and being availablehow do you respond to a request we are unable to accomadateapoligize and offer an alternativehow will you work to create a last impressionbe personable and form relationshipsif an item is removed from the check and was made by the kitchencomplwhat to fill out when you print out the guest checkgreen sliplist ticket item times for items : starters, lunch, dinner, soup or saladstarters: 5 minutes lunch: 12 dinner: 12-15 soup or salad: 5 minuteshow do you explain the 2 step cooking processslow roasted in special ovens overnight and grilled to order2 step cooking process includestri tip, ribs, chickena guest orders the wr tri tip rarewe cannot do rare due to 2 step process and offer another steak that isn't cookeda guest asks that is the difference between the baby back ribs ands the beef ribsbaby back are pork with small ribs, and the beef ribs are beef with larger boneslist the portions for each of the following items wr bbq combowr bbq combo: 5.5 oz wr tri tip/ pulled pork, 2 beef ribs, 2 5 oz chicken Breast, 5 baby back ribs, 1 half chicken, 1 linkoriginal bbq saucesweet but mild glaze, traditional spin on bbqchipotle cherrysweet cherry with mild chipotle finishCarolina bbqspicy bbq vinegar based, pepper with chili flakes for subtle heat, created for the pulled porka guest orders the bbq half chicken but requests with meat onlythe bbq half chicken is a combination of light and dark meat, if all white then get the chicken breastguest is allergic to peanutspeanut coleslaw, Italian dressing, tahijan tomato dressinga guest asks what is the difference between tri tip and briskettri tip cooked in two step cooking process, and is from the rear end of the cow, brisket is from the chest and heavily marbled.match each of the steak temperatures below: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, wellrare: red cool center medium rare: red warm center ,medium: pink center medium well: slightly pink well: cooked throughoutlist portion sizes for each item : top sirloin, center cut filet, ribeye, salmon, sea basstop sirloin: 8 oz center cut filet: 8 oz ribeye: 14 salmon:8.5 sea bass: 8 ozwhat is cabcertified Angus beefdescribe different ways the bb back and salmon can be preparedpan seared: with Jim beam brown sugar, and soy sauce simply oak grilled: drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, grilled and seasoned over a live oak fire skillet blackened: mild seasoning light rub and then seared ] cajun seasoning is spicy.J Bohrpinot14 handsmerlotlayer cakemalbeca guest asks for recommendation for a full body for a ribeyeCabernet or the red blend