AGR 550 Exam 3

T/F regurgitation is the forceful act of stomach and sometimes small intestine contents
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"Dumbledog" a 7 yr old M(n) Beagle mix had been gaining weight, chronic skin issues and is more lethargic. You run bloodwork and notice that the thyroid level is abnormal. Most likely "Dumbledog" would be diagnosed as having?HypothyroidismWhat likely medication would you prescribe for "Dumbledog" (patient in question above)?Soloxine tablets"Toodle Lou" a 12 yr old Labrador retriever F(s) has been leaking urine recently. After ruling out a UTI, you have determined she is urinary incontinent. What medication. of the following listed, could you prescribe?IncurineT/F U-40 or U-60 syringes are usually used for diabetic patientsFalseIf your feline patient presents as a diabetic ketoacidotic, which type of insulin would you need to get on board first for "Chairman Meow"?Short-acting insulinOnce "Chairman Meow" was stabilized and you were sending him home on insulin, what specific instructions would you tell the owner about Vetsulin Insulin?It needs to be shakenWhich of the following drugs would you not prescribe for Cushing's disease?PrednisoneT/F When Regu-Mate is stopped, that mare will cycle again.TrueWhen first diagnosing your adult dog "Al Poochino" with an insulinoma, what blood work abnormality would you expect?HypoglycemiaWhen wanting to increase weight gain in a heifer, you would give Synovex in what location?SQ in the earWhich of the following clinical signs is not typically associated with Horner's syndrome in a dog?Mydriasis"Jimi Houndrix", a 10 yr old M(n) Bloodhound, presented to you with blepharospasms. excessive tearing, and frequently pawing at the left eye. If you did your fluorescein stain test and diagnosed a corneal ulcer, what ophthlo medication would you not use?PrednisoloneIf "Jimi Houndrix" continued to have a corneal ulcer that did not respond to initial treatment, what medication could you add in to help chemically decried loose corneal epithelium?Providone IodineWhat is another term for KCS?Dry eyeYou prescribed Timolol for your feline patient, "Catbunga". what side effect would you worry about potentially occurring?Bronchoconstriction in asthmatic catsWhich medication can be given as an intracameral injection to help with ocular bleeding?EpinephrineWhat are two indications for the use of Pilocarpine?Neurogenic KCS and Primary GlaucomaT/F Trusopt and Dorzolamide are examples of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors.TrueWhich of the following are classified as diagnostic agents for opthlo exams?All of the aboveT/F Synotic is an example of a corticosteroid ophthalmic preparation.FalseWhich antifungal can stain clothing, jewelry, light colored fur, and cause oral ulcerations if ingested? Also has a very strong, very bad odor.Lime sulfurIf you have a diagnosed demodex in "Muttilda", which shampoo would you prescribe?Benzoyl PeroxideWhich of the following could be used in your equine patient "Maple Stirrup" for overexertion soreness, and/or stiffness?White linimentYour patient "Muttley Cru" was hit by a car last night. The wound will be bandaged for now. Which medication would you not want to include initially since the tissue has not started to granulate yet?SSD creamT/F Amitraz would be an acceptable choice for demodex treatment in a dog knowing there are also cats within the household.FalseWhich species would you not use Fipronil on?RabbitsYour colleague prescribed a medication for her canine patient "Mr. Barkley Von Schnauzer" because he had diarrhea that did not respond initially to probiotics and dietary therapy alone. He now had developed some neurologic side effects. Which medication was most likely prescribed?MetronidazoleT/F Absorption of Griseofulvin is enhanced with a greasy mealTrueKCS can be caused by which class of drugs?SulfonamidesA 2-month-old Golden Retriever "sherlock bones" was diagnosed with parvo. Which medication would you likely not want to choose first, due to some adverse effect potential in young/growing animals?Fluoroquinolones"Orville Redenbarker" is a 4-year-old Terroir mix who, on exam, had a yellow discoloration to his teeth. What type of medication did he likely receive when he was younger?TetracyclineA client brought their feral cat "Cindy Clawford" into you for an exam of a wound and abscess. You are able to touch the cat enough to do a thorough physical exam, but the owner states that they likely can't catch the cat to give it medication every day. Which antibiotic would be good choice since it stays for 14 days after SQ injection?CoveniaWhat would be your drug of choice if the cat in question 42 was an indoor cat, able to be given medication every day and had an abscess from the wound?ClindamycinT/F Naxcel is approved for use in lactating dairy animals.TrueWhat side effect/toxicities are usually seen with aminoglycosides?Ototoxicity and NephrotoxicityT/F Tobramycin is used for struvite crystalluria.FalseWhich of the following is most common disinfectant in the biguanide compound group?ChlorhexidineYou have diagnosed your canine patient "Snarls Barkley" with Blasto. What is the drug of choice for him?ItraconazoleIf you suspect feline herpesvirus in your patient "Purrito", which medication would you likely prescribe?Lysine [Viralys Gel]Which of the following is not true regarding antibiotic therapy?Do not administer full dose and durationT/F Cerenia is a medication given once daily for vomiting but can be used for anti-inflammatory effects.TrueT/F Clindamycin is an injectable antibiotic that lasts for 14 days.False