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4.4 Angle Properties

Chapter 4 Angles and Measurements
Linear Pair
is a pair of adjacent angles whose noncommon sides form a straight angles (are opposite rays)
Vertical Angles
are angles adjacent to the same angle and forming linear pairs with it
Complementary Angles
two angles that have a sum of 90°
Supplementary Angles
two angles that have a sum of 180°
Theorem 4.1
all right angles are congruent
Theorem 4.2
if two angles are adjacent and supplementary, then they form a linear pair
Theorem 4.3
angles that form a linear pair are supplementary
Theorem 4.4
if one angle of a linear pair is a right angle, then the other angle is also a right angle
Theorem 4.5 - Vertical Angle Theorem
vertical angles are congruent
Theorem 4.6
congruent supplementary angles are right angles
Theorem 4.7- Angle Bisector Theorem
If ray AB bisects <CAD, then m< CAB=1/2m<CAD