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A score of 0 on the apgar means the baby is......?
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the 2nd stage of labor and delivery lasts________hours for a primagravida and ____________hours for a multigravida1.5 hrs 1/2 hoursthe 3rd stage of labor and delivery of the placentathe 3rd stage of labor and delivery lasts.......?1/2hrthe 3rd trimester goes from week _____to week____28-403-6 years of age is considered?pre-schooler6-12 years of age is considered?school agea 10 on the apgar means the baby terrific health12-20 years of age is considered?adolescent18months-3yrs is considered?toddler18-25 years of age is considered?young adult90% of single parent families are headed by afemalethe abnormal hemoglobin produced by people with sickle cell anemia is Hgb_________________?Hgb S-it "sickles"abnormally high blood pressure is termed?hypertensionabruptio placentae usually occurs in (prima/multi? gravida over the age of ________?multigravida over the age of 35 (HTN,trauma,cocaine)accurate BP is obtained by using a cuff that has width of _________________of the armtwo-thirdsaccutane is an analog of which vitaminVitamin AAcid Ash Diet?Decrease pH (makes urine acid) Chz, eggs, Meat, fish, oysters, poultry, Bread, Cereal, Whole Grains, Pastries, Cranberries, Prunes, Plums, Tomatoes, Peas, Corn, Legumes.a temporary cyanotic condition, usually in newborns resulting in bluish color around the lips, hand and fingernails, feet and toenails. may last for a few hours and disappear with warming is termed?acrocyanosiswhat activity level is ordered in the early management of CVA?absolute bed restadolescents are (low/high) risk for suicide?highthe adolescent who is hospitalized fears separation from ________ and loss of ________________peers, independencewhat is a potential side effect of adriamycin?cardiotoxicityaerobe meaning?micro-organisms requiring free oxygen to liveafter admin of a vaginal drug, the pt should remain __________for __________minutes?supine, 10After advancing a Penrose drain, you (should/should not) cut off the excess drain?shouldafter an appendectomy, the nurse should document the return of.........?bowel sounds (peristalsis)after clep lip repair, what will the baby wear?a Logan bowafter corrective surgery, what technique should the nurse use to turn the client?log rollwhat are the steps of the primary survey?Airway w/ cervical spine immobilization Breathing Circulation Disability Exposure and environmental controls Focused adjuncts, family presence, full set of vitals Give comfort measuresAfter discharge, contact with the rape victim is maintained via......?telephoneafter meals, the nurse must always check__________of the CVA client for _____________mouth (cheek) foodafter menopause, endometriosis (decreases/decreases)?decreasesAfter rape, a woman needs a follow-up exam/test for...............?STDs (aids, gonorrhea, syphilis)after receiving ear drops the client should remain in the __________ ________position for ___________minutesside lying 5after repair of the cleft lip, is the infant allowed to cry and/or breastfeed?no, the infant should be held to prevent crying the infant is not allowed to breastfeed because sucking is not good after lip repairafter surgery to remove an ovarian cyst the woman can return to normal activities between ____________ to __________weeks4-6after treatment, how long do you have to inspect for lice?inspect for two weeks to be sure they are all goneafter using nose drops, the client should remain______for ______ minutessupine 5after you remove soiled dressings and before you put on the sterile dressing, you must........?wash your hands and put on sterile glovesaging decreases the risk of hypertension (T/F)False, it increases the riskaids is transmissible through what 4 routes?blood, sexual contact, breast feeding, across placenta in eteroAirborn microorganisms travel on ______ or __________dust, waterthe AIDS virus invades helper.......?T-lymphocytes (or CD4 cells)what med is given with meals that is a potassium sparing diuretic?aldactonewhat medication is given with meals and lots of water that has an anti-uric acid property (for gout) and anti-purine properties in chemotherapy for cancer?allopurinolamniotic fluid is (acidic/alkaline)?alkalineamniotic fluid turns nitrazine paper deep_______________(color).blueMicro-organisms that do not require free oxygen to live are termed?anaerobean aneurysm is an abnormal ________________of the wall of an artery?widening (it is also weakening)an aneurysm can result from an _____________ and from ____________infection, syphilisan aneurysm will most affect which of the following. the blood pressure or the pulse?the pulse (many times the aneurysm will rupture and much blood will be lost before the blood pressure starts to change.Anorexics are usually __________ under the age of _____.females, 25Another name for medical asepsis is...clean techniqueanother name for surgical asepsis is...Sterile techniqueGive on empty stomach I hour ac and hsantacidsantibiotics are used to treat breast engorgement (t/f)?falseAnticholestinesterases will have (sympathetic/cholinergic) side effects.cholinergicatropine is an example of?Anticholinergic Dilates pupils Causes photophobia Used preoperatively for cataract removal Don't use in glaucomaa substance used to destroy or inhibit the growth of pathogens but not necessarily their spores (in general safe to use on persons) is termed?antisepticanxiety producing thoughts are called......?obsessionsappendicitis is an ____________of the appendix due to ________________inflammation, obstructionwhat age group is appendicitis most common?15-35 years oldAphasia is most common if the stroke occurred in the (dominant/non-dominant) hemisphere of the brain?dominantapplication of (heat/cold) packs is the preferred tx for breast engorgement?Ice packsthe antihypertensive, apresoline, is given (with/without) meals?withare all articles used by AIDS patients double bagged?no (only those contaminated with secretionsHow is AIDS transmitted?sexual contact, transfusion of infected blood, contaminated needles and syringeswhat are anticholinesterases?drugs that prevent the degredation of acetylcholine. (used to treat alzheimer's)what is alzheimers?A progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions. results from a degredation of acetylcholine in the brainare diuretics used for women with preeclampsia?yesare eggs allowed on a gluten free diet?yesare enemas common before a hysterectomy?yesare fats a normal constituent of feces?yes (if wnl)are foods made with wheat, oat, or rye flower allowed in patients who are gluten-free?noAre enemas required before cystoscopy?No, but may be ordered.Are Herberden's nodes painful?not in the beginning, can be later as swelling occursare meats allowed on gluten free diet?yes as long as they aren't breadedare migraine headaches unilateral or bilateral?unilateralare migraine headaches more common in men or women?womenare nurses permitted to give perineal care to clients of the opposite sex?yesare puddings allowed on a gluten-free diet?noare rest periods and range of motion exercises appropriate in the care of osteoarthritis?yeswhat suffix is used in naming enzymes?-aseabsence of organisms causing disease?asepsisas soon as placenta previa is diagnosed, most pregnancies will be terminated via C-section if the fetus is mature (t/f)?trueassuming no mastitis, on which side should breastfeeding begin?begin nursing on the side that the baby finished on the last feedingas the prostate enlarges, it compressed the ____________and causes urinary _____________urethra, retentionas with any inflammatory disease, clients with rheumatoid arthritis have a ..........?low grade fevera condition of occlusion is termed?atresiawhat cardiac dysrhymia increases the risk of CVA/embolism?atrial fibrillationat what age are accidental poisonings most common?2 years oldAt what time of year does rheumatoid arthritis flare up?springwhat age does BPH occur?men over 50 years of ageautonomy vs shame and doubt?Erikson's stage in which a toddler learns to exercise will and to do things independently; failure to do so causes shame and doubtat what age is death most likely in sickle cell anemia?young adulthoodat what time of year does rheumatoid arthritis flare up?springwhat is the average blood loss during menstruation?50cc-60ccwhat is the average duration of menstrual flow?5 dayswhat is the normal range for menstrual cycle?3-6 daysbaclofen (for muscle spasms), causes (constipation/diarrhea)?constipationthe nurse's awareness and self-understanding is the bases for........a therapeutic nurse/patient relationshipbed side rails should be up for which individuals?elderly clients, unconscious, babies, young children, restless, confusedbefore administering vaginal medications, the client is more comfortable if you ask them to......voidbefore allowing the dialysate to flow into the peritoneal cavity, it must be _______to______temperaturewarmed to bodybefore applying elastic stockings, the nurse should.....?elevate the clients legs for 3-5 minutes to decrease venous stasisbefore evidence from the woman's body can be gathered for rape, __________ ______ must be gatheredconsent formsbefore PD, it is important the client be.........?Weighed, to assess water loss or gainbefore the client with suspected appendicitis sees the physician, what should be avoided?pain meds, enemas, laxatives, food (NPO)before you give digitalis, what action must you take?measure the apical pulsebeing alkaline means have a (high/low) pHhighbesides pain, people with migraines complain of what other symptoms?nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances