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A research report for the NEA indicates that the most frequently cited reason teachers choose their profession is_____.

The desire to work with children and young adults

Educational research supports the fact that those who become teachers are more influenced by thier teachers as ____.


With the exception of parents or guardians, the adults who have the greatest influence on children are often their ____.


Research tells us that teachers may make up to ___ low-level decisions in a school day.


According to the National Education Association (2007), teachers' salaries have ____ since the 1990s to the present.

increased steadily

Ms. Duckworth, the adaptive physical education specialist, runs two miles every afternoon after school. Jason, a young boy with mild cerebral palsy, has been watching Ms. Duckworth for the past several weeks as she works out on the track. This afternoon Jason jogged two laps with Ms. Duckworth. This is an illustration of ____.

A teacher's power to influence others by example

The National Education Association (2007) reported that the average teacher salary was approximately _____.


All of the following statements about teachers' salaries are true except that ____.

Teacher salaries vary little by states or regions

All of the following are practical benefits of teaching except _____.

frequent promotions to administrative positions

_____ recruits graduates from some of the best colleges and universities in the United States to teach a minimum of two years in urban and rural school districts with severe shortages of science, math, and language arts teachers.

Teach for America

"A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame" illustrates ____.

the importance of teachers modeling lifelong learning

____ of the nation's nearly 4 million public teachers "moonlight" or hold a second job to increase their earnings.


____ refers to job security granted to teachers after satisfactory performance for a specified period of time.


On average, teachers work ____.

approximately 50 hours per week

In four surveys taken between 1984 to 1999, ____ remained the biggest problem identified by teachers.

parents' lack of support and interest

Job dissatifaction, emotional and physical exhaustion, and an inability to cope effectively are symptoms of ____.

Teacher burnout

Teen pregnancy, homelessness, danger, troubled families, child abuse, and suicide are examples of ____.

social problems that affect the lives and learning of children and youth everywhere.

____ is one of the teacher's most time consuming non-teaching tasks.

Keeping paperwork including detailed records of students' academic progress, attendance, and other required documentation

Each state has mandated ____ to assess students' mastery of academic standards.

High-stakes quantitative tests

In 2002, President George W. Bush signed into legislation the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act which mandated _____.

federal testing in reading, math, and science in grades K-8

NCLB requires that by the end of the 2013-14 academic school year that public schools guarantee that ____.

all students are prepared to pass state proficiency tests

Today's tech-savvy students spend an average of ____ hours each day using some type of media


The prevailing view within our society is that teachers are _____.

accountable only to the standards and ethics of the profession

Society agrees that teachers are primarily responsible for promoting students' learning, yet it is not always in agreement about ____.

what students should learn

Approximately ____ percent of the population of public school teachers in the United States are members of minority groups.


The ____ teacher has a bachelor's degree, full state certification, and subject matter knowledge


Public elementary and secondary school enrollments are projecte to rise in the ____ regions of the United States.

western and southern

Recently, there has been a steady demand for those able to teach in the following subject areas except for ____.

mathematics and science

The Praxis Series: Professional Assessments for Beginning Teahcers includes assessments of all the following except ____.

leadership skills

In order for a person to receive a teaching certificate, all states require successful completion of ____.

An approved teacher education program with at least a bachelor's degree

Teaching is the largest profession in the United States with Pre-K, elementary school, middle school, and secondary school teachers (not including special education teachers) totaling about ____.

4 million

Today's classrooms have teachers who are ___ and students who are ____.

predominantly white and female; culturally diverse

Compared to 1971, teachers are/have ____.

better educated

The majority of middle school teachers ____.

specialize in a specific subject and teach it several times a day

Most high school teachers ____.

teach four five courses within a single content area

_____ schools are independent public schools, often founded by teachers that are given permission to operate by a school district, state, or national governments; they are accountable for meeting predetermined outcomes.


_____ schools are designed to meet the needs of students at risk of failure and dropping out.


A(n) ____ school offers a curriculum that focuses on a specific area such as the performing arts, mathematics, science, international studies, or technology; they often draw students from larger attendance area than regular schools and promote voluntary desegregation.


____ teachers work with children and youth who have a variety of disabilities including learning disabilities, autism, and brain injuries.

Special education

Most English language learners (ELLs) live in ___, and ____.

Califorina; Texas

One major cause of teacher isolation is ____.

teaching children all day without adult interactions

The technology component of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), Title II, Part D, calls on teachers to use technology to ____.

close the achievement gap

Compared to other professions, the professional component of the teacher education program in many states is ___.


In the 1970s, the report, A Nation at Risk, linked the strength of our country to ___.

the quality of its schools

Because the majority of decision-making power is reserved for boards of education, teachers have had little or no say over what they teach, and, in extreme instances, how they teach. This is an example of ___.

lack of partcipation in professional governance

____ is the most prestigious credential a teacher can earn.

National Board Certification

In regard to the level of trust that the public currently extends to teachers, it is most accurate to say that it is ____.

uniformly high

The membership of the National Education Association is open to all of the following groups except ____.

school board members

Currently, ___ of states have passed some type of collective bargaining laws that apply to teachers; however, there is little uniformity among these laws.


Without a doubt, your relationships with ___ will be the most important and complex you will have as a teacher.


Recruiting volunteers, providing financial support for special projects, and operating homework hotline programs are examples of ___.

community support

Working together, sharing decision making, and solving problems is called ____.


According to the text, the heart of collaboration is ____.

meaningful, authentic relationships among professionals

____ is an arrangment, whereby teachers grow professionally by observing one another's teaching and providing constructive feedback.

Peer coaching

In ___ arrangments, teachers share the responsibility for two or more classes, dividing the subject areas between them.

team teaching

In ____ arrangements, two or more teachers teach together in the same classroom.


Based on interview data, all of the following statements are true about the impact of parental involvement on students except ___.

significant parental involvement results in slightly less participation in extracurricular activities

The AFT has been critical of the NEA for ____.

allowing administrators to join the organization

Emergency certification is ____ by professional teacher organizations and several departments of education.

strongly resisted

When schools face budget cutbacks or increased pressure to prepare students for high-stake tests, often ____ teaching postions are eliminated.

art and music

While there is widespread debate about what academic content the schools should teach, ___.

the public supports the teaching of prosocial values

Schools are places where the young learn to participate intelligently and constructively in American society emphasizing education for ___.


In regard to equal educational opportunity, evidence exists to demonstrate ____.

that certain groups are denied equality

Students enter the school as raw material, move through the curriculum in a systematic way, and exit the school as a finished product. This metaphor describing schools as ___.


Groups that see the school as a means of perpetuating their preferred way of life include all of the following except ____.

public schools

Schools that are often the focal point for community life and reflect values and beliefs that tend to be fairly conservative are typically ____.

rural schools

All of the following are influences on the culture of school except ____.

tax-based programs

In a classroom, the physical characteristics of the setting and the social dimensions of group interact to shape ____.

the classroom culture

Measures of success for schools include all of the following except ____.

fewer numbers of children enrolled in special education

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (2002), all of the following are characteristics of students at risk for dropping out of school except ____.

performance at or above grade level

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2005), the ethnic group consistently with the lowest high school completion rate is ____.


Teachers can rely on identifying at-risk fators as good indicators of ____ in their students.

potential academic problems

The incidence of child abuse, poor health, underachievement in school, and attedance problems is higher among children who ___.

are homeless

About ____ percent of all homeless children do not attend school regularly.


The National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect reported that state Child Protective Service agencies investigated ____ allegations of child maltreatment in 2002?

3 million

Stress within the family can have significant negative effect on students and their ability to focus on learning while at school. All of the following are associated with stress except ___.

vocational choices

Between ____ is the most likely time for youth to engage in risk-taking or delinquent behaviors or to be victims of a crime.


University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (2006) found that approximately ___ percent of high school seniors reported using alcohol and ____ percent had used marijuana.


According to the Indicators of School Crime and Safety (2007), approximately ____ percent of public schools experienced violent incidents


All of the following are strategies for reducing the impact of gang activities on schools except ____.

retaining graffiti on school property as a symbol of gang destructiveness

According to the Indicators of School Crime and Safety (2007), approximately ____ percent of students ages 12 to 18 in public schools reported that they were in gangs in their schools.


A 2006 online survey states that approximately ____ percent of Internet-using adolescents revealed that they had experienced cyber bullying.


Each year one in nine U.S. women between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant. Approximately ____ percent of these pregnancies is unintentional?


The offspring of pregnant teenagers are most at-risk for all of the following except

financial stability and behavorial outcomes

All of the following statements are true concerning teen pregnancy except ____.

most teen mothers return to high school within two years of having their child.

Since 1990 the teenage pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates have ____.


All of the following are true of female and male involvement in suicide except ____.

students in grade 12 are the most likely to attempt suicide

The National Institute of Mental Health reported in 1999 that the third leading cause of death among youths ages 15 to 24 is ____.


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