20 terms

Math voc Kati

Math voc. chapter 6
In a percent proportion the whole quanity or the number to which the par is being compared ...part over ______
cross products
if a/c = b/d then ad=bc
the amount by which the regular price of an item is reduced
experimental probability
what actually occures in probability experiment
possible results of a probability event
a ratio that compares a number to 100
percent equation
An equivalent form of percent proportion where % is written as a decimal Past = percent x base
percent of change
the ratio of the increase or decrease of an amount to the original amount
percent proportion
one of the numbers called the past is being compared to the whole quality called the base. Past/base= percent/100 or a/b=8/100
the ratio of the numbers of ways a certain event can accur to the number of possible outcomes. P(event)= nuimber of favorable outcomes/number of possible outcomes
a statement of equality of two or more rations a/b=c/d
a comparison of two numbers division
sample space
the set of all possible outcomes
the relationship between the measurement on a srawing or model and the measurments of the real object
scale drawing or scale model
a drawing that is used to repesent an object that is too loarge or too small. to be drawn at actual size.
scale factor
the ratio of a length on a scale drawing model to the corresponding lengths on the real objext
simple event
One outcome or a collection of outcomes.
simple interest
The amount of money paid or earned for the use of money
theoretical probability
What should occur in a probability experiment
unit rate
when a rate is simplified so that it has a denominator of 1