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"The Eureka Hunt"


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What is the article about?
Why do good ideas come to us when they do
Who was the man in charge of putting out the fire?
Wag Dodge
Describe "the insight experience"?
The first of these is the impasse: before there can be a breakthrough, there has to be a mental block. Wag Dodge spent minutes running from the fire, although he was convinced that doing so was futile. Then, when the insight arrived, Dodge immediately realized that the problem was solved. This is another key feature of insight: the feeling of certainty that accompanies the idea. Dodge didn't have time to think about whether his plan would work. He simply knew that it would.
The article entitled "The Eureka Hunt" by Jonah Lehrer describes Lehrer describes the curiosity of scientists about the concept of insights and as a result, the research that has been conducted about it.
the concept of what an insight is and how a person reaches one
The author states that insights are more prominent when
people are in relaxation and less focused
By using various studies and scanners, it was discovered that the
prefrontal cortex is responsible for the majority of an insight.
Scientists learned that the right hemisphere of the brain also has
a bigger role than people had previously thought.