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Rome and Han China, 753 BCE - 33 CE

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The economic wealth of the early Roman state was based on...?
The center of political action in the Roman Republic was..?
the Senate
Roman women exercised influence where?
over husbands and sons
How did the early Romans view the natural world?
As filled with numerous invisible shapeless forces called numina
The frist Roman law code
Law of the Twelve Tables
Two protacted and bloody wars against the Carthaginians were important because...?
Rome won control of the western Mediterranean
During the Republic, Romans managed their imperial territories by..?
Establishing a provincial administration and sending a Roman senator to oversee matters
As the numbers of independent farmers declined in the later Republic, Italian landowners increasingly turned to... ?
Inexpensive slaves
What factor caused a decrease in small farms in the Late Roman Republic?
the growth of latifundia and a shift to nonstable crops
The emperor responsible for the reorganization of the Roman government aftern 31 BCE was... ?
Octavian (Augustus)
The main reason for the decline of the Roman Republic
military leaders with armies loyal to them rather than to the state
Under the Principate, Roman law...?
was based on the Twelve Tables and supplemented by decrees from the Senate and bills from the Assemblies
One of the most enuring consequences of the Roman Empire has been... ?
Romanization of the western Mediterranean
Before 212 CE, many people living outside Italy became Roman citizens after...?
After serving lengthy terms of military service
How is the career of Paul an ezample of the "cosmopolitan" nature of the Roman Empire?
He was able to use the benefits of Roman citizenship, roads, and cities to spread Christianity
Why was becoming Christian considered an act of disloyalty in the Roman Empire?
Christians could not worship the emperor as a deity
What Roman concept ment that local elite rulers were appointed by Rome to manage cities and towns in the provinces?
Municipal aristocracy
Types of Roman technology?
its roads, aqueducts, concrete, and arches
Starting with the reign of Augustus, the Roman army was reorganizaed and redeployed to... ?
shift from an offensice to a defensive strategy
The most visible symptom of Rome's "third century crisis"
frequent change of rulers
Who reformed Rome in the thrid century CE and saved it form decline?
The conversion to Christianity of which Roman emperor ushered in a time of tolerance, acceptance, and eventual dominance of Christianity?
The competition among states in the Warring States Period resulted in what?
the creation of the first empire under the Qin state
In an effort to increase his power, Shi Huangdi cracked down on which group of people?
Chinese values emphasized what?
obedience and proper conduct
The confucian view of proper female behavior was exemplified by the.. ?
Three submissions
It was customary for young brides in China to... ?
Live with their husbands' families
"Shi Huangdi" means
First Emperor
Reasons for the fall of the Qin Empire (4)
The provincial aristocracy was angered at the policy of centralization, incorporation i the empire of different ethnicities, unifications, of the nomads under Maodun, Oppressive labor requirements of the population for military and infrastructure building
The Qin standardized coinage, weights and measures, the law code, and writing in order to... ?
Create a unified Chinese civilization
The early Han emperors reformed the Legalist system by... ?
Incorporating Confucianism
In what way did Emperor Wu of the Han dynasty significantly differ from previous emperors?
He used warfare to quell his enemies
Important Han technology developments?
The horse collar, the watermill, and the crossbow
Leading exprot commodity of China during the Han?
Contributing factors to the fall of the Han Empire (4)
Corruption within the government, attacks by non-Chinese from acrross the frontiers, the frustration of hungry peasants, and the faiure of the Han reforms