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World Music

Quiz 2 - African
Ewe Culture
-Very proud people with proud tradition of heroism in battle
-known as "Fierce Warriors"
- From Togo Area .. defeated many tyrannical kings to get there
Ewe Song and Meaning
Agbekor - means "Clear Life", resolution to hardship
3 Meanings of Agbekor
1. originally taken from hunters using to catch game, song and dance
2. came from use of battle prep
3. now used for funerals and important royalty celebrations
Reason for Agbekor
communicate with ancestral spirits, libations pour into ground to do so
Ewe Culture Instruments
four drums, bell, gourd rattles
Texture of Ewe Music
Polyphonic -- call response singing
Dagbamba Culture - Drummer
born into a line of royalty, that is how one became a drummer
"Ferocious Bill" - Dagbamba
taunting opponent, wild calls with tempting drum beat, vocalist and lunga drummer
Shona Culture-Location
"Cutting Branches for Shelter"
song that uses mbire -> bottle capes, highly responsible for bring spirits into plains
"Be Ashamed" - Who made this music?
Mapfuma's Chimurange Music
"Be Ashamed" - meaning
Political message, talking about people who were being colonized under many unfair conditions. he is saying the people should be outraged for this situation and they should stand up for what is right.
BaAka Culture Location
Tropical Central Africa
"Mabo" - BaAka Culture, significance
song and dance associated with net hunting. compared to EWE culture, there is only one drum
Texture of "Mabo"
Vocal Polyphony with yodeling sounds
Significance of the Forest to the BaAka
it is seen as divine --- God is everywhere in nature
Define Maghrib
the upper part of Africa
Define Sub-Saharan
Lower part of africa .. below the sahara
Define Libation
the giving of alcohol to someone to please them, in most cases, ancestors. they are given to the trees when they are sacrificed to become a drum. The alcohol is poured on the ground as means of communication to ancestors
Define Call-Response
standard vocal format of African Music
Define Colonization
foreign county entered another imposing their own stanard --- evident with Shona and Mapfuma's music "Be Ashamed"
Define Polyphonic
text that is comprised on multiple parts all of equal importance