Day three training

describe in detail our standard fro table maintenance.
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what is our reservation policyA guest orders a glass of wine and they say "that's it?" what is your responseour course are measured to ensure accuracy, if the guest is having a 6 oz, suggest the 9 oz pour insteadA party of 4, all appearing to be under the age of 30 bring their own bottle of champagne for celebration and let you know they would like to enjoy it immediately, what do you say?fantastic, are you all age 21 or older? may I please see your idwhat steps do you take to serve the champagnebring the bottle to the bartender to open, then follow the same procedure as wine service. Ensure you deliver with chiller.When is happy hour: Where is happy hour available: What discounts does a guest receive during happy hour:friday 3-6 pm bar top and bar area look for store specific happy hour promosI f agues requests a modification or substitution to an item that requires a charge, when do you inform the guest of the charge and how?when: at the time of ordering how: absolutely, there will be a slight _ chargeWhat do you do and say if a guest requests a gluten free entreedo: doing out the g on the menu of give them an avoiding gluten menu say: inform them that we cannot 100% guarantee that an item is gluten free, although the item may not have gluten in it, it may have come into contact with gluten in our kitchencondiments you offer with all burgersketchup, mustard, mayoa guest informs you they are gluten free, but would like to order the sandwichordering the burger protein style