Integumentary / Skeletal System

42 terms by mpcisnero

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Four cell types of the epidermis

Keratinocytes, Melanocytes, Langerhans cells and Merkel Cells

Layers of the epidermis

Basale, Spinosum, Granulosum, Lucidum and Corneum

Thick Skin

Contains 5 layers

Think Skin

Contains 4 layers

Regions of the dermis

Papillary and Reticular


Subcutaneous region; bellow the dermis

Sebaceous ? Gland


Sudoriferous ? Gland


Adult Skeleton has

206 Bones

Axial Skeleton has

80 bones

Appendicular Skeleton has

126 bones


"Shaft" Formed by compact bone


Vascularized, dense-irregular connective tissue; surrounds the diaphysis


contains osteogenic cells

Osteogenic Cells

Differentiate into osteoblasts


Bone remodeling / repair


Spongy bone is found in the ___ proximal and distal ends of the bone and the lining of the medullary cavity

Epiphysis and medullary cavity

Contains red bone marrow in children

Medullary Cavity

Contains yellow bone marrow in adults


Between the diaphysis and the epiphysis; contains the epiphyseal growth plate

Epiphyseal growth plate

Region of cartilage that produces new bone until adulthood

Long bones

Femur, humerus and clavicle

Short bones

Roughly cube-shaped; Carpals and tarsals

Flat bones

Generally thin and consists of two parallel plates of compact bone with an inner layer spongy bone trabeculae; Cranial bones, sternum, ribs and scapula

Sesamoid bones

Between tendons and ligaments- do not articulate with bones; Patella

Wormian bones

"Sutural Bones" Occurs between the plates of the skull

Irregular bones

Have complex shape; Vertebrae, hp bones, facial bones and the calcaneus


Narrow slit between adjacent parts of the bones through which blood vessels or nerves pass


Hole; opening through which blood vessels, nerves or ligaments pass


Trench; Shallow depression


Groove; Furrow along a bone surface that accommodates a blood vessel, nerve or tendon


Passageway; tubelike opening


Knuckle; large, round protuberance at the end of the bone; Femur


Smooth flat articular surface; Vertebra


Rounded articular projection supported on the neck of the a bone


Prominent ridge or elongated projection


Projection above the condyle


Long, narrow ridge or border

Spinous Process

Sharp, slender projection


Very large projection


Small, rounded projection


Large, rounded, roughened projection

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