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  1. What does theotokos mean?
  2. During the 4th and 5th century attacks on the church were mostly?..
  3. What freedoms did Christians have after the persecutions ended?
  4. What was declared at the council of Ephesus?
  5. What was the book St. Augustine wrote about the story of his search and discovery of Christ?
  1. a 1. They were free to speak about their faith
    2. They could travel for ecumenical councils
  2. b Internal
  3. c Mother of God (Greek)
  4. d Mary was the mother of God
  5. e Confessions

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  1. Nestorianism
  2. Church Fathers
  3. Arian heresy
  4. 33
  5. Same substance

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  1. Who were the 5 Latin church fathers?1. St. Athanasius
    2. St. Basil the Great
    3. St. Gregory of Nyssa
    4. St. Gregory of Nazianzus
    5. St. John Chrysostom


  2. What was the decision of the Council of Nicaea?Mary was the mother of God


  3. How many councils have there been overall?21


  4. Who was a lawyer, governor, catechumen, and was asked to become bishop of Milan before he was baptized?Council of Nicaea, 325 A.D.


  5. When a temporal ruler extends his powers to ecclesiastical and theological mattersCouncil of Nicaea, 325 A.D.