Science Bowl Study Questions 22-23

Transformation of CHEMICAL energy to another TYPE of energy
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If the metal bob of a simple pendulum was replaced with a wooden bob, then the period would be _____________________.the sameThe velocity of the pendulum bob is the greatest at ___________________.The lowest pointWhich object acting as the pendulum on the same length string will have the greatest KINETIC energy at the bottom of the swing if raised to the same height?4 kg ball (HEAVIEST/MOST MASSIVE)How much WORK is DONE by pushing a wagon a distance of 10 meters with a force of 200 N in 20 seconds?2,000 Joules (200 N x 10 meters)How much POWER was used in pushing a wagon a distance of 10 meters with a force of 200 N in 20 seconds?100 Watts (Power = WORK (F x Distance)/Time)A child stands on a diving board 3 meters above the water. The child weighs 45 N. If he steps off, how much KINETIC energy will he have when he hits the water?135 J (Distance x Energy)What is the TOTAL energy of a 50 N child standing on a 10 meter platform above the water?500 JA pendulum swings faster if the gravitational pull is STRONGER. Where would you have the LONGEST period for the SAME pendulum?On the MOON (less gravity)What is PERIODIC MOTION?type of sustained motion that repeats over and overWhat is FORCE?Both PUSH and PULLWhen the restoring force for a periodic motion is PROPORTIONAL to the displacement, the motion is considered to be ___________________________________.SIMPLE harmonic motionWhy is a child on the playground swing NOT considered to be in SIMPLE harmonic motion?She is adding additional energy when she PUMPS the swingHow is the period of a simple harmonic vibration related to its frequency?LONGER the period, LOWER the frequencyIf a pendulum completes exactly 10 cycles in 10 seconds, what is the FREQUENCY of the pendulum?1 Hz (10 cycles/10 seconds)ENERGY is the ability to _________________________________________.Change or Move matter